Yoga for Mental as well as Physical health

Yoga for Mental as well as Physical health

We can’t control the outer world, but Yoga gives us the power to control the inner self and attain victory over mental and physical stress. Yoga is different from work-out; here, we work in as it helps in improving our relationship with oneself.

Yoga adds on energy, beauty, and strength to your body and soul. You learn to have control of your breath and body in Yoga, which will give you the power to control yourself in every situation, be it your bad food habits, depression, and stress. It will bring out a better you which were in you from the very beginning, but due to outer circumstances, you kept yourself unaware of your inner soul.

1 How Yoga benefits us mentally?

Yoga offers you to experience its “high’. Yoga makes you feel more connected to you inner-self. It helps you in getting rid of negative vibes, bad emotions, and mental fatigue.

Practising Yoga regularly provides you with several benefits. In case you managed to take some time usually from your schedule for practising Yoga, it will have several mental benefits which include and not limited to the following:

· Improves inner strength

· Provides better self-esteem

· Improves sleep quality

· Improves the ability to focus better

· Improves the quality of the relationship

· Makes you feel better about your self

· Helps in overcome anxiety

· Provide a better sense of gratitude

· Provides better insight

2 Effect of Yoga on physical health

Practising Yoga on a regular base provides several physical health benefits. It makes your body more flexible and robust. During Yoga, you move your muscles by stretching your body, which makes you less stiff and not tired.

While Yoga can provide you with several mental benefits as mentioned above, it also provides you with several benefits on your physical health, such as:

· Reduces any existing pain

· Helps in relaxing muscles

· Keeps your nervous system healthy

· Improve strength in your bones

· Make your spine more flexible

· Reduces the risk of arthritis and joint break down

· Prevents you from allergy and flu

· Makes your skin more healthy and glowing

· improves metabolism

· provides energy by dealing with fatigue 

· Improves the working of various body parts such as kidney, heart, lungs, eyes, etc. 

3 Gender-specific benefits of Yoga

As mentioned above, Yoga provides several benefits to your body and mind. However, there are various gender-specific benefits of Yoga, which can benefit both males and females in several ways. Regularly practising Yoga can provide several advantages to a male body that includes:

· Better orgasm

· Improves sex life

· Yoga will power against drugs 

· Prevents testicular cancer

The female body is considered to be more complex, and you may face many challenges in various forms in the long run. Yoga helps you in dealing with such problems in your life. Hence female body can also take benefits of numerous advantages of Yoga in a female body that include:

· Improves hormonal balance

· Yoga works like an anti-ageing agent

· Makes your skin healthier and beautiful

· Improves hair quality

· Prevents PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome)

· Improves fertility

· Provide strength to your body in the post-pregnancy period

· Help your body to deal during the time of menopause

· Prevents uterus cancer


Yoga is one of the best work out which connects your body with mind and soul. Yoga has a deep relationship with psychology and has several benefits on the mental and physical health of everyone irrespective of their age, gender, and preferences. Yoga is a lot more than the physical practice of holding poses and stretching body. Yoga is more of a lifestyle that affects seven chakras of the body positively.

Almost in every asana, you will face mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. Yoga allows you to meet yourself and know more about your inner strength. There are many forms of Yoga in a few forms; you have to do more movements while in other few types, body movements are less, but every way provides strength and endurance.

In Bhagavad Geeta, there are few lines on yoga “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

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