Wish You Knew All About Bhai Dooj? Here it is for You!!!

Wish You Knew All About Bhai Dooj? Here it is for You!!!

For all the siblings this is yet another chance to celebrate your relationship with enjoyment and fancy things. Yes, just like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Beej is yet another festival that adores the bond of siblings. For all those youngsters, who do not know, Bhai Dooj is commemorated on the fifth day of Deepawali. Undoubtedly we may say that this event is a commemoration of their amusing and caring friendship for all siblings. During this day both sis’s wish their brothers kumkum tikka during their foreheads and then do the aarti puja. In exchange, brothers definitely be giving the best Bhai Dooj gifts to their dear sisters which can put a smile to their faces.

This celebration is also called by various other names in the country, such as Bhai Teeka, Bhai Phota, and Bhau Beej. It is commemorated on the 2nd day of Kartik month which falls in the month of Shukla Paksha. This day basically signifies the closure of Diwali festivities which lasts for around five days. Now let us learn more about the stories and history which is associated with this festival.

History of Bhai Dooj

In the Hindu mythology, it is said that this auspicious occasion is commemorated to adore the affection of Subhadra, for her brother God Krishna. Subhadra welcomed her dearest brother Krishna to rejoice his victory after he won over the demon Narakasur. She then applies the red kumkum tilak on Lord Krishna’s forehead and then performs aarti. Then Lord Krishna was really delighted with the actions of his dearest sister that he rewarded her with ample boons. The event is also linked with Yamraj and his sister Yamuna. As per this story, this festival is known as the Yama Dwitiya.

Next story on the list is related to this event that is that of the Lord Mahavira. We all know very well that this 24th Tirthankara of Jainism attained nirvana when he was very young. Eventually after some time his brother King Nandivardhan started missing his presence and began being upset. He was comforted at that moment by his dearest sister Sudarshana who took good care of him. By that time onwards, brothers began showing their sisters all the affection and love which they deserved in the form of Bhai Dooj. Therefore, it is customary to give them beautiful presents and honor your sister on this Bhai Dooj.

Importance of Bhai Dooj in Today’s Times

We all know that in current times, we are not able to sit together and spend time with our family. In such situations, these festivals make it possible for us to get together and sit with our dear ones. Not only this, brothers and sisters get time to chat with each other and get to know more about each other. It is important that you celebrate Bhai Dooj with your family and spend some time with them. All of this is going to help you strengthen your relationship and also make it possible for you to pep up the relations. These are the reasons why it is necessary for us to celebrate such festivals.  

Rituals of Bhai Dooj

The rituals performed on this occasion are very simple and do not involve anything as such which is very huge. These are done in order to make sure that prayers done by every sister on this day reach the Gods. As already said that this occasion begins by applying a tilak on the brother’s forehead. Then she will treat him with some yummy sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Burfii, or Rasgulla. It is always better that you pick the sweets that are your bro’s favorites. In return of this entire thing, the brothers then reward their sisters with some of the exciting gifts. Make sure that you guys do all of this and get the best joy of this occasion. 
Whenever you are celebrating an occasion or say celebrations, it is very important that you are acquainted with its significance and the stories associated with it. Today in this article, we have entirely learnt about Bhai Dooj and its significance. This will be of great benefit to you as  now it will be easy for you to remember that you need to buy exciting Bhai Dooj diwali gifts online for your sister. So, get ready and start looking for these gifts online or in your nearby store.

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