Why Solar Energy is becoming popular

Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming one of the most popular sources of energy in households in many countries across the world. What makes solar energy a popular source of energy in the present era is the most frequently asked question?

Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the past few decades and one major change is solar energy. In the present world, every other country is looking for an alternative or renewable source of energy. Solar energy works like a wonder and has so many advantages.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the source of energy which is generated through the sun’s heat and light. With the help of photogenic cells sunlight is converted to solar heat. This solar heat can be used to run appliances like light, gadgets, heaters, coolers, etc.

Advantages of Solar Energy

There are so many advantages of solar energy:

  1. The most basic advantage of solar energy is that it helps in controlling global warming as it is completely pollution-free.
  2. Sun provides energy which is equal to the whole world’s requirement. Anyone can use this source of energy without any restrictions.
  3. Solar energy helps in creating more job vacancies which result in reducing unemployment. People can manufacture solar light solar heater or installation.
  4. There is no maintenance cost required and the production cost is also quite low. The consumer will get very less bill as you become the in-charge of your domestic expenses.
  5. Solar energy helps to reduce pollution which helps in controlling respiratory problems, cancer, heart attack and another kind of health problems. 
  6. Solar energy is the symbol of technological development for any country. Government helps and support offices and houses which install a solar panel.

All these advantages make solar energy one of the most popular sources of energy. But like every coin has two sides so does solar energy has a few disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Solar energy

Solar energy has one of the biggest disadvantages. The sun doesn’t shine for the whole day so it becomes quite difficult to generate energy at night. It is highly depended on weather conditions. Its installation fee is quite high and it uses lots of space.

Solar energy is becoming so popular these days as it is clean, green, and budget-friendly. This source of energy is even more effective in the longer run. Although its installation fee is high but is a great source of investment to save money on bills in future and the environment. Government need to invest more in solar projects. You can be a saviour of the environment and save money on bills and take your family for dinner.  

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