Reasons why Love summers?

Reasons why Love summers?

Water gets warmer drinks to get colder, and nights are longer life gets better as it is summer. We all wait for summers to arrive for not only one reason, but a bundle of ideas.

When the sun kisses the sky and temperature goes high, it not only makes the environment beautiful but provides us with some significant benefits too. When sunlight helps in regulating the whole process of our body, warm winds bring an improved lifestyle by providing us nature’s candy (fruits).

Summers are hot as well as cold. We are more privileged in summers as compared to winters in many approaches. In summers we get:

More fruits: High temperature brings a high number of fruits. Amounts of delicious fruits arrive in summers such as king of fruits and our heart “mango”, sweet and juicy “watermelon”, pulpy orange and many more. Summers bring nature’s candy to us.

Beach time: summers are the best season to enjoy the beach and get tanned perfectly. Beach is everyone’s love no matter what age group you belong you will always love to go to the beach even if you are not very fond of water you will enjoy sunbathing or sitting on a beach chair giving a treat to the eyes and mind.

Loss weight: winter makes us laze and sluggish, whereas summers bring the active soul out and push us to get indulge in some activity. Our body keeps in a restless position in summers, unlike winters, as it is easy to get up early in the morning. Summers are the best season to join morning fitness classes and being in our best shape.

Comfortable dresses: summers allow us to wear anything or our choice, be it a short dress or a loose t-shirt or just comfy pajamas. Fewer layers make us more comfortable, and the summers season is best for being in single layer dresses.

Light travelling: we wear fewer layers in summers, so we pack lesser layers while travelling in summers. It saves a lot of space in our luggage when we are carrying short dresses. One jacket occupies the space of 10 t-shirts. Now we know why to leave home in winter.  

Shakes and mocktails: winter keeps us away from the best beverage of parties. As summers are arriving, we can have our favorite shake and mocktail any time anywhere without any fear of being sick or catching cold.

Hydrated body: we intake the right amount of water and other fluids in summers which keep us hydrated and help our body in detoxification. 

The hydrated body helps in achieving a healthy body and skin too. In summers we naturally take up to 2 liters of water daily.

Water park adventure: numerous water parks open near us, but we can have fun there while winter ends and summers arrive. Water park adventure is the kid’s first choice to do in summers. Probably everyone wants to take a dip or maybe just relaxed by sitting back, but there is always a “yes” for Water Park in summers

Ice cream: There is no kid, adult or youth who can say no to ice cream even in winters, but the best time to enjoy your scoop is summers as it is more delicious while soft and you can have it without worrying about the viral and cough to knock you out next day.

We all love these chances and freedom summer brings us, as there are pros and cons of everything summer to have its drawbacks. Summers are hot, make us sweaty but leaving these cons aside we can flip the coin and enjoy the pros it brings with it.

After recollecting all the moments of last summer, we can conclude that summers are hot outside and cool inside.

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