4 Trendy & Cool Ways to Wear Hair Barrettes

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The origins of hair barrettes can be traced to a few decades ago but lately, it has made a very dramatic comeback. Literally, the Instagram explore page is filled with influencers and models sporting unique looking hair barrettes.

If you are someone who loves to style with the trend then including hair barrettes is a must. Buy wholesale barrettes hair clips from online stores and start wearing them to create cool and trendy hairstyles.

Don’t know how to style with hair barrettes. No problem! We present to you some easy, trendy and cool ways to wear hair barrettes that will give you utmost style. Continue to read till the end to find out.

Double the game of barrettes

Did you buy a whole lot of hair barrettes? Well, why then use one hair barrette at a time. Achieve this look by using two hair barrettes together. Middle part your hair and wear the hair barrettes one on each side, just a few inches above your ears.

You can either straighten your hair for a sleek ultra-modern look or have loose curls for a soft romantic look. This is one of the trendiest ways of wearing your hair barrettes.

Braid it back and barrette it

Love to do braids? Well, then you can use barrettes to jazz up your plain back braids. Simply wear a braid and tug and pull your hair to create an effortless messy look. Now, stack a few pretty hair barrettes on your braid.

It doesn’t matter if the barrettes cover a portion of your plaiting. It will still look uber chic and stylish. The pearl embellished barrette will look beautiful with this hairstyle. So, make sure to pick a few pearly hair barrettes and create this look.

Stack them up

Multiple hair barrettes are better than a single barrette, right? Don’t worry about overdoing it since stacking them up is one of the trendiest ways of wearing hair barrettes. All you need to do is wear your hair with side parting or a middle parting.

Simply clip on the barrettes on the side of the head. Stack the barrettes above your ear. Also, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t clipped parallel to one another. Use rhinestone studded hair barrettes to create this look.

Create this simple and stylish look using a few hair barrettes now!

Focus on your bangs

Bangs or Fringe, whatever you call them, if you have them then make sure to use hair barrettes to style them up. Instead of clipping your fringes back like an undeserving element, focus on them using hair barrettes.

Clip on a hair barrette on either side of your head to frame your fringes. And that’s it. The hair barrettes will work its magic to create a chic and stylish look.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy wholesale barrettes hair clips now from online stores and try out these trendy hairstyles now. Create an uber chic look and stay trendy.

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