Top 5 exciting new shows On Netflix

Exciting shows on Netflix

Are you fond of watching exciting new shows, on Netflix before they’re even launched and the hype is created over various social media platforms? If yes, then you’re at the right place because Netflix has topped the list with quality shows, and movies as per the choices of customers, so they can enjoy a moment of peace, and enjoyment throughout the time!

Netflix is known extensively for the chilling factor, which enhances the excitement level of users, and tends them to search and acquire new shows without wasting a single moment, or second. So sit back, and relax because now you’re going to experience the Best 5 Exciting New Shows on Netflix, which you should add up to your watch-list for 2021.

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The top 5 exciting shows on Netflix – A Detailed Analysis

Let’s have a look at the best exciting new shows on Netflix, launched recently on the platform of Netflix:

1. Bridgerton

This amazing romantic series was released on Netflix in 2020, showcasing a Regency era in England, where eight closely-knitted siblings in search of true love, and somehow managed to find it out at the end of the series!

It’s a romantic genre season, having exciting new faces caging the attention of viewers and youngsters who are fond of watching love stories. Due to the amazingly romantic storyline, Bridgerton has gained 96% positive reviews, and feedback from the targeted audience which alternatively means, they are working really well, and hard in maintaining the trust of viewers by broadcasting the content, and genre they were expecting from the producers, and directors.

2. The Queen’s Gambit

The second on the list is the well-known series, which created a huge hype over the social media platform and mostly Chess lovers were excited to witness a series with quality content and videos. It revolves around an old schoolgirl, who is an orphan living with her mates in the boarding school, where they must eat vitamins pills, and she loves to eat them to hell!

Through the series, her life changes are shown, from a schoolgirl to an adult experiencing different hurdles in life, and then becoming the Queen of Gambit defeating various Chess Champions. It’s an American drama miniseries, based on the Walter Tevis’s Novel written in 1983. It’s written and directed by Scott Frank, with the companionship of Allan Scott.

3. Selena

Usually, viewers are more invested in the Biopic series and want to see the real-life scenarios of people so they can witness the changes themselves, and the struggles they performed throughout their lives for attaining the stage they have right now. In regards to this concern, Netflix has recently launched a drama series, as Selena which targets the life of Selena Quintanilla, the Queen of Tejano Music, and An Iconic Mexican-American Pop Star.

The two seasons of the Selena series witnessed a huge and positive response from the viewers and has totally gained 78% positive feedback, overall from the entire watching ratio.

4. Big Mouth

If you’re a lover of Animated Series, and Movies then this is the best Sitcom based on 4 seasons, making the entire life of people amazing, and entertaining. It’s a sitcom with 4 amazing seasons. Of course, the positive response from the viewers urged the producers to come up with 4 seasons, and invest money within the production house.

The story is going through a guy, Andrew who is learning the experience of a nightmare, growing up to an animated series, gearing towards adulthood. Along with the rides, there are some of his friends like Nick and Jessi who are shown developing romantic relationships throughout the series. The voiceover is done by John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele, well-known comedians.

5. The Crown

The Crown was initially released in 2016, 5 years back from now but still it has managed to gain a huge response from the viewers, making it stand out in the top-trending shows in 2021 on Netflix. This biopic series is influenced by an award-winning play ‘ The Audience’ depicting the life of Queen Elizabeth, from the 1940s and how she struggled throughout her life to maintain a reputed place in the hearts of her audiences.


I hope that’s all the day, and you people already enjoyed reading this amazing series elaboration, and discussion indulges with the best-acting characters and storylines which tends to attain a positive response from their audience.

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