Top 5 Movies to watch in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Movies to watch

Virtual Reality is an innovative technology that immerses its users in a whole new level of entertainment experience. And Now VR is finding its way to various industries; From healthcare to the future of gaming and no one wonders about what it has to offer in near future. 

You should have seen some movies about a virtual environment or we can say Virtual Reality. Matrix trilogy, Tron, Gamer are some of the examples of movies that introduced us to Virtual Reality in one way or another. There is one more recent movie, ‘Ready Player One’, Creators introduced us to a whole world that can immerse a huge number of players via a VR headset.

Don’t worry that is not a reality for now! But You can easily immerse these movies via a Virtual Headset. Yes; It might sound futuristic but there are some movies that you might not know of that can be easily experienced on a virtual reality headset. 

The Pandemic hit hard on the entertainment industry and theaters were closed for almost a year. But on the other hand, setting home with fewer options for entertainment drive people’s interest in Virtual Reality. Also, Netflix introduced NetflixVR and apps like Bigscreen — a VR software solution that caused a hike in VR headset sales. If you are one of them then we have some amazing movies that you can experience setting or standing from your comfort in 360 –

Best Virtual Reality Movies to Watch

Dunkirk: Save Every Breath – The Dunkirk VR Experience

The first movie on the list, from imaginary director Christopher Nolan. Dunkirk is an excellent cinematic experience to view on a Virtual Reality Headset. It’s based on World War 2 and will give you three different experiences at the same time. World War action in 360 will blow your mind. This is worth a try.

The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience

Experience a brilliant horror movie from creative director James Wan. The Conjuring 2 is a part of horror movie series based on real stories and one of the top scariest movies to watch. Enhance your experience with a virtual reality headset and enjoy this scary ride in 360.

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

With plenty of awards in the hand, Fairness Works made it to our third spot. The story set place in North America and is based on a story of refuge tragedy. Violence, war, crime, and intense emotions blow your mind and fill your eyes with tears. With Virtual Reality, you can experience all this as it’s been happening to you. Creators did their job perfectly and you will literally feet it. 

The Invisible Man

Another piece of art; The invisible man is set between a conversation of 4 persons. The story is filled with suspense with crime and action. Throughout the entire movie, they struggle to get away from a dealer to whom they owe a debt. The dealer puts an offer to settle the deal with a Russian Roulette.

It: Float

The biggest horror movie ever made; With amazing performances from actors, An scary clown, and an amazing story. It has it all. Experience the biggest horror in 360.

These were the best movies available to experience in virtual reality. Besides these, you can use other virtual reality services and apps that offer more movies to VR headsets. Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that you should try once.