Top 10 Solar Power Companies in the USA

Top 10 Solar Power Companies in the USA

Solar Energy has shifted from just a term on the IoT to a literal environmental awareness topic. With countries like the USA, Germany, Russia, China, India, and various others, solar companies and solar energy implementation have been focused on a wide scale.

The forefront and the flag bearers of this change are the companies that have invested loads in developing and producing power plants and energy. The top players in the USA in the solar energy sector are prime players to shape the future.

Top 10 Solar Power Companies in the USA

With the number of companies engaged in the solar energy sector, the USA’s top players are:

First Solar Inc

It is the leading global producer and provider of photovoltaic cells and solar systems. It uses the most advanced module and technology. It provides all the services from finance, construction, maintenance, and end-of-life panel recycling to its clients, making it the most viable and desirable company.


The subsidiary of Telsa, a revolutionary company, has quite a significant share in captivity and quality. The central working is with the residences, government, and non-profit purchases. SolarCity is the best option to choose when you are planning to start solar at home or business with leasing and financing facilities.


Based in California, the company pioneers in the solar leasing industry. Since the company offers to lease and finance, the company is independent in all aspects. It also provides solar to the underprivileged areas by way of promoting solar distribution and installation under the brand logo. It has a steady presence in the market for quite a long time.

Cypress Creek Renewables

The company focuses on developing, building, and operating solar facilities across the USA. It has the main focus on the utility-scale ground mount project from 2-10 MW capacity. It has established ways to enter the new emerging market by way of extensive development and financing.

RGS Energy

The division of Real Goods Solar is famous for its innovation to bring in the latest products to residential and commercial customers. With over 35 years of service to clients, it is a pioneer in providing solar to private homes. It offers its services in over 50 states of the USA and around 10 Canadian provinces.


The primary leaders since 1984, are best when it comes to combining the roofing service with the solar installation. Although solar is a new addition, the longstanding goodwill because of the roofing services has provided them with an edge over the others. Also, with attractive financing options to customers, this company makes solar energy viable to all.


The distinctive worldwide leaders in the solar cell and module manufacturing are also a leader in solar installers. The company is owned by the world’s fourth-largest energy company, Total, which gives it easy access to technology and resources. It covers everything from small DIY projects to large industrial installations.


Relatively a newcomer in the industry has climbed the ladder of success relatively quickly. Serving in the 23 states, the company has outperformed the competitors in the market. They are leasing and installation specialists. This is the underlying factor that they are the first choice for PPA customers and those who are beginning to explore solar power.

OneRoof Energy

Founded in the year 2011, the company neither sells solar modules, panels, or components. But, it is the explicit lease agent for the companies. This company allows the customers to take advantage of the industry discounts that result in solar energy access in the underprivileged areas at a negotiated cost.

Horizon Solar Power

The company is operating in the residential solar space, which is comparatively a significant market capture. The main focus is on solar installations in the rehabs and new constructions. With the USP of the price agreements with the solar module and component manufacturers, they offer the solar panel to residential customers at quite a discounted rate.

Final Verdict

In the last decades, the solar energy cost has decreased rapidly, whereas its demand has increased exponentially. The renewable and replenishable source of energy adopted by the nations around is proving to be one of the most viable and promising sources in the future.

The solar companies with their products and installation services have turned out to be a shift that is creating an economy that is self-sufficient in energy while considering the environment as well. With less dependency on fossil, the boons of solar energy are many.

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