6 Tips to deal with Skin Issues caused by wearing a Face Mask

6 Tips to deal with Skin Issues caused by wearing a Face Mask

Amidst the pandemic, it is very important to wear face masks. Face masks are important so as to combat the spread of novel viruses. Across different continents, people are wearing masks so as to stay safe. It is also seen that often people undergo skin issues by wearing a face mask. Skin issues can be fatal since it can cause pimples, rashes, and whatnot.

It must be remembered that one should wear easy to carry and comfortable masks. Masks made up of cotton fabric works fantastically.

World Health Organization also recommends us to wear cloth masks.

Things to do to prevent skin issues which occur after wearing Face Masks

Cleansing and moisturizing your face Daily

Cleaning your skin thoroughly with the help of cleansers facilitates dirt removal. If you are having dry skin then wearing masks for a longer period of time can be more problematic. With the help of a moisturizer, you can effectively reduce the dryness.

You must not forget to use moisturizers with ceramides and dimethicone. Ceramides and Dimethicone are very crucial to help reduce skin irritations. Wearing the masks for a longer period of time can also cause breakouts. After wearing a mask, we feel very warm. It is also a reason for rashes and pimples. Therefore, before going out, you need to moisturize your skin using an aloe vera gel.

Apply petroleum Jelly on your lips

Face masks cause our lips to get chapped. This can be painlessly prevented by using petroleum jelly. However, you should apply the jelly three times a day.

 Don’t do any makeup before wearing a mask

Makeup requires cool weather to stick. Wearing a mask after makeup will definitely cause breakouts and pimples. You just need to apply aloe vera gel and a lip balm on your skin and lips respectively. Excessive makeup and wearing a mask at the same time can cause acne breakouts. If the weather is hot then you must carry 2-3masks. Continuously sweating under the mask can be disastrous for your skin.

Use Rosewater

Wearing the same mask can cause dirt accumulation. It is not good for your skin at all. You can carry spray-healers or rosewater sprays. Rosewater is very good for skin and can be very helpful while excessive sweat. Do not let the dirt accumulate since it can cause itching. In order to get rid of the excess dirt, you can use wipes.

Wear a cotton mask

Everyone should look for a protective as well as a comfortable mask. Mask is not a matter of 1hr or 2hr, one has to wear it throughout the day so as to combat the novel virus. Every individual should look for masks made up of breathable fabrics. Masks made up of polyester, nylon and rayon causes breakouts and are extremely unfit for breathing through it.

Wash your masks regularly

Washing the masks regularly removes the accumulated oil and dead skin cells. Masks should be gently washed with complete care and preciseness.

Tips to remember while using a Face Mask

These are some of the important tips to follow to reduce your skin issues:

  • You need to wash your face after removing your face mask.
  • Swift removal of the mask is necessary.
  • If you are undergoing any acne, then you should use a charcoal or a salicylic face wash.


If you are unable to remove your rashes or irritations through deep cleansing and moisturizing, then you must consult the same with your dermatologist.

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