Things women need to promise themselves this Women’s Day

Things women need to promise themselves this Women’s Day

Hey, all the ladies out there!!

Do you know how special you are? How many lives have you saved? 

People might fail to thank you for your hard work, your dedication, your love, care, or the food you cook. They might have made DTC free, have reserved coach in the metro, or might say to you, “Ladies first but fail to treat you equal. They might consider that you do nothing if you are a housewife, they might fail to see how your life changed after marriage or kids. They might ask you to change your surnames after marriage or have kids within a year of marriage. They might justify your hard work as a responsibility or your sacrifice as your duty. 

But, girl, you are equal to men. You have all the opportunities and capabilities that they have. You can have a passion, and you can pursue it. You sometimes need to fight for your rights. It will help if you prioritize yourself. So, this women’s day, let’s learn to celebrate our victories with ourselves. 

Ladies, you need to promise these following things to yourself this women’s day.

Go for a Solo Trip once in a Lifetime

You need to go on a trip alone. So, you can explore and learn new things about yourself. Take a break from your lifestyle. Quit your office and household responsibilities for one or two days. It would help if you spent some time with yourself.

Learn a new Hobby 

No matter how old you are, you can learn new things or new hobbies or start your old one which you left. Learn dancing or music or yoga whatever you want. This will help you to keep yourself motivated and talented. 

Take care of your Health

Take care of your health. Go to the gym, yoga, Zumba or aerobics. Just remember your health is essential, so please give some time to your health. Taking care of your family is only worthy if you start taking care of yourself.

Appreciate Yourself

There is no harm if you give yourself a gift from your first salary. A ring, bracelet, the food you love, chocolates, roses whatever you like. You are a rock star, and you don’t need any other person to appreciate you. Learn to enjoy yourself. 

Be kind to Yourself 

It would help if you were a bit kind to yourself. Ladies, you don’t need to follow the standard or norms set by society for you. You do what you feel is right, and you go to places you want, you wear what you are comfortable wearing. Often take a break from your busy schedule. 

Don’t Be Silent 

Stand for yourself, don’t be silent. You need to fight for yourself; you need to speak if you are uncomfortable. Learn to draw a line. If you are married and your husband wants to have sex but you don’t then, say NO. If someone touches you inappropriately, raise your voice. Just remember maybe your maid, co-worker, the neighbour, is also fighting the same battle respect them, don’t comment or let them down.

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