Things to do in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Things to do in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Rarely does an individual would want to let go of a travel opportunity or experience. Travelling doesn’t only mean a period out from their busy lives but also means creating memories with our loved ones and fun activities to cherish and satisfy the inner adventurer in us.

Traveling becomes more important in today’s generation because this generation of science and technology has always kept everyone, the kids to the older adults busier in one activity or the other. Hardly do parents get time for their children, and the same is applied to the partners in love. Things keep us occupied all the time. So, for some family or personal time, traveling is one of the peaceful and satisfying mediums.

While talking about traveling, Uttarakhand is one of the major states that hits my mind, and to be specific, it is Munsiyari. Munsiyari is a place in the inner lining of the Himalayas, a conglomeration of revenue villages. Munsiyari is recently placed on the tourist map of Uttarakhand.

Let’s have a look at what attracts people to Munsiyari

1)Religion–There are several religious places in Munsiyari, like Jageswar, Kalamuni, Chhitai, Nanda Devi, Dandeswar, Katarmal temples. These places are peaceful outlets with olden architecture and religious preachings.

2)Bird watching –Munsiyari is popular for the variety of bird species it offers to the visitors. Wildlife photographers find gems in the place. All around, you will find rare species of bibirds.

3)Sightseeing –Scenic beauty is a dominant prospect of Munsiyari. Settled in the inner lining of the Himalayas, it offers visitors places like Panchachuli peak, Kalamuni top, Birthi falls, Thamari kund, etc. These places are perfect for sightseeing and adoring mother nature preserved in the borders of InIndia.

4)Adventure –Munsiyari offers many adventure sports like –

  • River rafting at Gori Ganga river
  • Skiing
  • Trekking at Nanda Devi trail
  • Camping

These activities are very popular among the adventure lovers who visit Munsiyari


Apart from the main market, there is a small village named Darkot. It is known as a paradise for shoppers. Numerable articles are worth seeing and buying, especially the famous Pashmina shawls and sheep wool blblankets.

2)Flora and fauna

Munsiyari is home to a large variety of flora and fauna spread diversely among the entire place. It is popular for Rhododendrons, Deodar and Pine trees which add to the beauty of the place. Moreover, the raven, falcon, Monal, etc. are lively creatures to sesee.


You can easily find food in the stalls of the streets. Munsiyari specially offers non-veg fast food like mutton, fish, chicken, Chowmein, and Momos.


There are many hotels in Munsiyari with medium-high price ranges that won’t let you into trouble in staying.


Munsiyari has a lot to offer to its visitors, and thus, the place is growing as a major tourist attraction. The people, cuisine, shops, adventure, wildlife, natural beauty, and religious taste – everything is pretty vibrant in Munsiyari.

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