Hookah Troubleshooting: How to fix a leaking Hookah?

Hookah Troubleshooting - How to fix?

If you are one of the true hookah connoisseurs, then you must be in the relentless search of perfecting your hookah experience too. Although it is a never-ending pursuit you can get yourself loaded as much as possible with various accessories, methods as well as rare pieces of knowledge about troubleshooting tips and much more to get the most out of your favourite bowl of shisha.

Today we will be turning our focus on the rotating hookah that also makes up for a perfect party hookah. But why? Imagine when we are enjoying ourselves with a group of friends at a party at our place, obviously with our shisha tobacco around us. There are pretty good chances that the hookah tips over an account of some clumsy chap who keeps tugging the hose too hard. As a result, there is a burning hole in the favourite rug of your parents. We do not know what to do of that hole, but we can surely tell you one thing that when this happened it wasn’t a rotating hookah. A rotating hookah ensures the use of passing the hose from one person to another with much sturdiness. It cannot get any smoother than it is with the rotating hookah. And this is the reason why you can also get to find them in many of the hookah lounges.

Getting back to the main point that is, if you are having a rotating hookah but you are not able to get enough smoke out of it. Although you are doing everything right and do not seem to miss anything. So, what can be the reason behind it? One of the most common reasons is the leak in the seal and that is very much a possibility. But it is nothing to be worried about, as you can get it to fix very easily. But how can you diagnose the leak, how to fix it? Here are some of the simplest ways to do so along with making sure that it doesn’t happen again.

First things first, you need to remove the bowl, tray, and the hose or hoses. Followed by this you need to pluck up the top hole using your thumb. The next thing you should do with the other hand can vary depending upon the kind of rotating hookah you may have

Troubleshooting Hookah, How to fix Leaking

Auto-Seal Rotators

Begin by unscrewing all of the hose adaptors (with the release valve cap if present) along with removing the BB’s carefully place them so as not to lose them. You should now slowly screw ONE hose adapter back on (without the BB). Now you should firmly place your fingers covering the remaining holes where the BB usually sits. If there are more holes than fingers you can use tape.

Non-Auto-Seal Rotators

If you have a hookah with non-auto-seal rotators. Simply plug all the ports with the rubber stoppers. In case if you have a single valve hose rotator, you can simply place your thumb after unscrewing the valve cap. Followed by it you need to blow through the remaining hose port. Once you have secured all the air holes by fingers, thumb, or stoppers. You need to look that if any air is leaking through the edge of the glass or not. If yes, then you have an air leak that you can fix in some easy steps as follows.

1. You need to start by unscrewing the shaft placed in the center from the hub. Followed by which you need to unscrew the hub from the top of the glass. It would be better to have a friend while doing so, as it can make ensure that the glass is secured firmly with both hands while you can hold and twist the hub. In the worst-case scenario if you do not have a friend to do so, you can do it by yourself, but be careful. You will need a towel that you can wrap around the base and hold between your knees.

You SHOULD NOT grab the hub by the hose connectors. This will put a great deal of stress on them that can result in loosening or even snapping off the hose connector.

2. After getting the hub off you will be able to see the black rotator grommet. You need to secure the seal. For which you should be positioning it towards the bottom of the threads. Followed by it you should screw back the hub on as tight as possible. It is important because as more the tighter it is, the stronger it will hold the seal, but you should do it carefully. After that, you need to repeat the plug and blow test. This will ensure that now you have an airtight ready to blow hookah. But you should keep in mind that you do not need to do it again and again. As once you have established a firm air-tight seal.