The Traditional Cuisines Of Kashmir – Heaven On Earth

The Traditional Cuisines Of Kashmir – Heaven On Earth

Kashmir is a famous place known for its beauty. To be precise one cannot describe its beauty with just by mere words. The seamless mountains, the lakes, and the valleys are so gorgeous that the famous prince of Persia Firdaus one said: “agar firdaus bar rahe zamee ast Hami sao Hami asto Hami ast”. It’s a Persian phrase meaning “If there is any paradise on earth it’s here it’s here it’s here”. One cannot talk about the beauty of Kashmir without talking about its cuisines. The cuisines of Kashmir are famous all around the globe and its Wazwan.

So here are some famous cuisines of Kashmir that are famous all around the world.

  • Rogan Josh

It’s one of the most popular dishes in Kashmir. Its savour is mouth soothing and if you are a mutton lover then you definitely need to try this one when visiting Kashmir. It is a traditional dish that was introduced in Kashmir back from the times of Mughals. One can eat this dish with rice or naan.

  • Yakhni

In simpler terms, it can be said that the entire Wazwan is incomplete without this dish. It’s very delicious and it consists of mutton and yoghurt-based curry that is prepared along with a few other spices. It is served as the last meal in Wazwan. Apart from that, it is best suited to basmati rice. This is one of the most delightful dishes that one needs to taste in Kashmir.

  • Paneer Chaman

Third on this list is paneer. Of course, you have had the pleasure of eating paneer before but this Kashmiri paneer is famous for its deliciousness. This dish is cooked with milk, it’s cooked to the extent that it becomes soft and tastier. One bite of this paneer and you will forget any other paneer dishes you have eaten so far.

  • Phirni

It’s a traditional dish that is served as dessert and it’s the most popular one. It is prepared with milk, saffron, rice, cardamom. This dish is served in a traditional bowl known as Shikoras. Phirni is presented on all famous occasions and on some specific holy days as well. The rice that gets added to this dish gives it an incredible taste and one always prefers to have it after dinner.

  • Modur Pulao

Of course, you have heard of pulao and some of you might have eaten it. But our Kashmiri pulao is different. It is prepared with saffron and basmati rice. This unique dish has an aroma and taste of an entirely different level. To add the deliciousness dry fruits are added. Trust me just by looking at it makes your mouth water.

  • Kehwa

Kehwa is a traditional herbal tea. In all the functions like some holy gatherings and marriages, this traditional tea is served. Although this may look orange in colour this is known as the green tea of Kashmir. The first thing to note is that it’s very beneficial for health and second people usually drink this in cold weather. Plus point for you to know is that this tea is very rich in anti-oxidants.


If you are intending to visit Kashmir I hope you try all these famous traditional dishes before leaving. Saffron is the most commonly used spice in Kashmir and its very good for health and skin. So you should definitely try these dishes before leaving Kashmir. I hope this article helped you with what you are looking for. Visit Kashmir trust me its beauty is extraordinary and people here are lovely.

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