The sudden booming appearance of Web Series in India

The sudden booming appearance of Web Series in India

Web series are seen replacing the daily soaps shows as well as the Bollywood cinema. The sudden rise of web series in India sparked the youth because it doesn’t show the same old melodrama as those mediocre daily soaps do. We have grown watching the same content over the years about how a simple lady marries a person with a big family, where she does everything to please others, yet being hated by everyone. This story is being repeated over the years in every show with some twists and spice, here and there.

Web series in India earned the heart and attention of many Indian youths because it offers content over melodrama. Close to 70-75 % of the Indian population is the youth, and the majority of these youths are on the internet. Most of the viewers of web series can relate to the content it displays. Like live-in relationships, homosexual stories, crime thrillers, the life of a common man in some crappy place. The web series brings us these types of content which attracts us also because the television world wouldn’t dare to touch and bring it to their shows. This happens because censored board exits and they have made a rule not to allow mature content on their platform. But the web series can push all these boundaries as it is an online platform. The writers can take it to their limit with all the freedom, and because of it, they can show the reality of society. 

Because of the sudden boom of the web series, many companies like Netflix and Amazon have started investing money and started making series with the Indian audience in mind.

These series are not only in trend because of the nudity it shows or the cursing, but the digital platform also allows these series to reach to every corner and shows the life we live. Many youths can relate to what it displays. Since it shows all the heavy stuff without much melodrama, tv shows have started to lose Television Rating Point (TRP) and its audience. 

Web series also raises awareness by showing us the mature content, like a story about a teenage couple, or how our politicians are. People have started realizing the fact that this sudden boom has created curiosity in their minds about many issues we were never aware of. 

So let’s talk about the latest hit web series that helped to increase the popularity and introduce the world of the digital platform among India. Series like Scared games, Mirzapur, The family man have gained the demand in a short period. These web series were heavily focused on nudity, cursing, lawlessness, and drugs. The audience was so thrilled and impressed that many more series like these started producing solely concentrate on the same genre. 

There are many free web series with awesome content that you can watch on youtube like TVF Pitcher, Kota factory, College Romance, Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa and many more. Maybe soon it will attract many famous actors and actresses to play roles in web series to provide us with good quality content, and it may replace Bollywood.

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