Style Into Spring, with Leather Swing Coats

Style Into Spring, with Leather Swing Coats

Long, exquisite, and classic are just a few characteristics used to describe Leather Swing Coats. Fashionistas far and near are familiar with this timeless design. The Leather Swing Coat was first introduced in the 1940s, an era of progression and a parade of hope. Men would be showcasing classic black leather motorcycle jackets, where women would flaunt their own unique leather style. Many of those who wore the Leather Swing coat associated it as a cross between an outerwear garment and a dressy formal gown.

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The Different Styles to Choose from

Over the years the Leather Swing Coat has been through several transformations from its earlier days. Originally, the Leather Swing Coat would come in a bold black colour. This Neutral colour would be manufactured in a rich cowhide grain, often leftover from productions of boots and other leather garments. The design was basic and was suitable for its time.

In today’s world, the Leather Swing Coat has totally changed. At LeatherDrive, we offer over 45 Styles of Leather Coats. Ranging from Plus size, lambskin and zany colours such as Navy grey and classic black. We also differentiate ourselves by having both heavy-duty and lightweight design. This is perfect for those who want to mix up their wardrobe and stand out from the crowd.

Have a unique design? Want to create your own Jacket? Not to worry, we also offer Custom-Made services that allow you to unleash those creative juices. We can manufacture a minimum of one piece, all the way to a shipping container worth of Leather Swing Coats and more.


All in all, the Leather Swing Coat is a unique design which has been around for decades. Many retailers no longer carry the design or have limited carrying it. Due to its exclusivity, LeatherDrive, a Chicago based manufacturer for over 40 years has been able to create the Leather Swing Coat at the most affordable price, direct to consumer. The company carries a wide range of Leather Coats and has hundreds of colours. They also take pride in having sizes from X-Small all the way to 6XL. What are some designs you wish to create?

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