Stay fit in the changing Season, follow these home remedies for Ayurveda!

Stay fit in the changing Season, follow these home remedies for Ayurveda!

The winter season is slowly getting closer and the fragrance of spring is also spreading in nature. Basanti winds and golden sunshine give great pleasure at this time, but do not ignore your health in this weather. In this season, small pollen of soil and flowers keep blowing along with the wind. These particles enter the body through the nose and mouth, which cause allergies. Due to this, problems like sneezing, cough, itching, and breathing problems, watery eyes start. In such a situation, it is natural to visit the hospitals, but even more, medicines are not considered good for health. At such a time, if you want to avoid the side effects of the change of weather, then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle, and what can be good for Ayurveda, especially during the changing seasons of the weather? In this time, the faster the temperature of the atmosphere changes, the faster our body is not able to adjust to the weather. In such weather, Ayurvedic tips keep us fit.

Avoid allergies in the changing season!

If we include small ayurvedic things in our daily routine, then we can spend the month of March and April enjoying. Allergic problems are more in this season. To avoid this, intake of herbal or basil tea is best. Heat 2-3 black pepper, 6-7 basil leaves and a little ginger in water and drink it like tea.

It is beneficial to do this activity for about 10 to 15 days. These three things with immunity protect us from infection. It is considered beneficial to do this recipe for twelve months. This keeps you from getting allergic throughout the year.

Create a perfect diet plan!

If your immune system is strong, then allergies stay away from you, and for this a balanced and healthy diet is necessary. According to Ayurveda, the phlegm problem is more in this season. So do not start eating things that have cold effects suddenly.

Do not drink refrigerator water. If fibre-rich food and fibrous vegetables are increased, your body can enjoy the weather. If you drink milk daily, then it would be better to take low-fat milk, but the milk should not be too hot. By the way, people who have bile complaints, they should drink cold milk only.

Milk contains vitamins and proteins, which give us energy and also increase our immunity. But keep in mind that milk should be boiled once. If the milk is boiled too much, then the vitamins and minerals present in it are destroyed. People who have acidity, should not drink hot milk.

Drink plenty of water. This will not cause urinary and other problems. Also, you can consume plenty of other liquids, such as fruit juice, etc.

If you are eating food, do not drink water again and again. This affects digestion. Vegetable juice, vitamin-C rich fruits, oranges, seasonal and tomato juice, lemonade, strawberries and kiwi help to increase immunity against infection.

In this season, eat yellow, red and orange-coloured fruits. Take 5-8 almonds or 1 nut daily. With this, you are not only physically strong but also able to fight allergies.

Banana is a very good fruit to protect against allergies, but some people are allergic to bananas. So keep in mind if you are allergic to banana. If not, you can consume bananas during the day.

Try these Home Remedies if you have skin problems!

Skin problems are also common in this season, in which rash, rash and itching are the main ones. In this case, special attention should be paid to proper catering and cleanliness. Using Giloy or Neem in bath water will be beneficial for such people. Similarly, turmeric is used for the skin. Such people should avoid more sweet, spicy and fatty food.

Too much perspiration and dust cause oil to settle on the skin and the pores are closed, causing whiteheads on the face. To avoid this, make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of crushed papaya in one spoon of barley flour and use it as a scrub.

If pimples and blackheads are coming on the face, apply a few drops of lemon juice in a tea bag mixed with green tea. After this, apply jojoba oil. A lot of Ayurvedic companies like Snaana offers various essential oils that you can buy for a glowing skin

Keep these things in mind too!

Due to the high temperature in this season, bacteria grow very fast, so put a cloth or mask on the mouth and walk outside.

Problems of itching, watery, etc. are common in this season. Under no circumstances should these be ignored. Always wash the eyes with clean water. Sunglasses not only protect you from sunlight, but also from allergies from smoke and dirt. So while going out, use sunglasses.

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