5 Reasons to Switch from Paper to Plastic Marketing Mailers

Switch Paper to Plastic Marketing Mailer

Direct mailer campaigns are quite common and an average US household receives dozens of them per week. The number is huge and for the same reason most offers and mailers end up in the dump. Most people overlook the mailers if they fail to impress them.

Here is where plastic mailers or plastic postcards come into play. A custom printed plastic card not only looks different but feels different as well. Plastic marketing mailers can have translucent sections and several other creative designs that are sure to grab the attention of the recipient.

Here are a few exact reasons to switch from paper to plastic to get more out of your direct mailer campaigns.

They Feel Different

One of the main reasons for the success of plastic mailers is that they feel different to touch. This means that when a recipient is browsing through a heap of boring paper mailers, a plastic postcard immediately draws attention upon touch. So, plastic mailers have a higher chance of getting noted than other types of mailers. And when it gets noted it means that your brand message is easily conveyed.

They are Not Easily Thrown Away

Plastic mailers can have a variety of design elements and objects in them. In other words, they look and feel beautiful. In effect, this means that people have a hard time throwing it away. Nobody wants to throw away a piece that looks beautiful and attention-grabbing. So, the chances of your plastic mailer remaining in the hands of the recipient increases. And thus, the sales inquiries too can increase.

They Seem Exclusive

Most mass mailers look and feel cheap and disposable. People know that the companies sending mass mailers are doing that in thousands and there is no real exclusivity to it. However, if you choose to print on plastic cards, you immediately get the perk of creating an exclusive piece of marketing material that immediately impresses the recipients. And customers too automatically value the offers and deals on the cards. This means they get more responses than mass paper mailers.

They Can Have Various Design Elements

The design that you are preparing for paper mailers can be printed on plastic also. Plastic cards, however, have the added advantage of including translucent design elements that look outstanding. Apart from that, the colors on plastic postcards really pop up, thus helping them to stand apart from the boring paper mailers. Thus, plastic mailers look much more attractive than paper mailers even with the same design.

They are Durable and Waterproof

Paper will degrade over a short period but plastic mailers retain their look for years. They are not easily damaged, and on top of that, they are waterproof. Thus they can handle the harshest shipping and mailing processes. Businesses do not have to account for shipping damage when ordering these plastic mailers for sending out mass marketing mails.

These are a few pros of plastic marketing mailers. As you see, they grab attention quickly and thus have a greater chance of success than regular paper mailers. If you are looking to print exclusive plastic postcards for your business, you can always get the best designs and products from us.

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