“Netflix and Chill” is becoming a new Trend

“Netflix and Chill” is becoming a new Trend

“Netflix and chill” is a trending catchphrase. It caught up with the World when Netflix came up with its new online streaming service and, for a long time, was used as what it meant. Any person who hears it for the first time might think of it as merely what it says: watching Netflix and just chilling. However, the popularity of the phrase is because of its use as a code for sexual activity. Let’s look at how the slang became a trend so popular even our parents figured it out.

What does “Netflix and Chill” Mean?

As mentioned earlier, ‘Netflix and Chill” has been used as a catchphrase famous among people as a code for sexual activity. It is as an allusion for having sex and has replaced the need for directly using the seemingly vulgar words for hooking up. Used as a phrase for watching Netflix with an expectation of romance from your partner, “Netflix and Chill” seems to have drifted away from its literal meaning, which is quite funny.

How did this new trend started of“Netflix and Chill”?

For whatever the phrase means, its origins, like most cool things, can be credited to social media. Its use began on twitter, and until 2014, it was as a description for the act of watching a movie on Netflix and chilling, mostly alone. In 2014, it morphed into a sexual slang. Its use became even more popular when Netflix itself used it as a meme which transmitted it to Instagram and other social media sites. It has since found its use as a code to describe two people going to each other’s place to have sex while watching a movie. Even news websites have covered the story of this meme.

How is “Netflix and Chill” used in a conversation?

The Internet is full of memes on the phrase. It is so popular with the young that it has become a part of their everyday conversation. It is casual between two teenagers as a code for hooking up while adults are around. It has been used by most people to ask the other person on a hookup date. It has also become famous as a bait-and-shift as people who went with its literal meaning have found themselves being proposed for sexual acts later. It has since led to a series of memes. Not only sex, the phrase codes for any romantic adventure.


The phrase has gained a lot of traction, and with the millennials, it has become so popular that it has become part of everyday conversation. In pop-culture, the phrase found a place in movies, and several songs are over the Internet. Memes on the slang number so much that even parents have started to figure it out. For those that see it for what it means, you might want to rethink before using it in your conversations. For those who use it as a euphemism, you have made “Netflix and Chill” a trend in today’s internet world.

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