Makeup myths | Know more

Makeup myths | Know more

Whether we wear makeup on a regular basis or reserve them, for special occasion makeups are love. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and if you add a little makeup to your face to look more graceful then, there is nothing wrong with it. This blog is not about how to do makeup or makeup essentials but is regarding some make myths that we all have.

Here, are a few myths:

The biggest myth that we have is you don’t need sunscreen if you wear makeup.

No, it is not so makeup has nothing to do with sunscreen. In fact, makeup and moisturizers dilute SPF present in makeup products.

Okay, if you feel like makeup doesn’t expire so hold on that is not the case. Makeup CAN expire just like our food products. So, keep a track of when you purchased a product. Throw the makeup if it is more than 6 months old.

Make-ups do not clog your pores or make your skin dry and oily. If you use makeup on a regular basis then, try to clean it properly before sleeping. Follow a proper night care routine.

Red lipstick is not for every skin tone. Sorry, my friend, it’s a big myth. You just need to choose the correct shade and you are all set to go.

Wash your brush every time after you apply makeup even if you are the only person who uses it.

Another makeup myth is that you should buy a concealer which is much lighter than your skin tone.

Believe me or not only expensive makeup products are the best is the biggest myth. Just remember don’t go for any local brand or used products.

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