4 Maintenance Tips for Sewer That You Must Know

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Facing a sewer issue is pretty common and can cause you a lot of inconveniences. In fact, sewer maintenance can be costly if not done in the right way. However, regular maintenance can help you avoid the problems related to your sewer.

Now, you can either give a call to an expert sewer repair Bloomfield service provider or you can do some of the easy fixes on your own. Here we are providing you some pro sewer maintenance tips that will enable you to fix the common damage and prevent any potential issue.

So, without further more delay, let’s take a look at some of the sewer maintenance tips, shall we?

Take it easy when it comes to Garbage Disposal

You must keep in mind that Garbage Disposal must be dealt with extreme care. You need to be cautious of what you put in your disposal. To be more specific, you must avoid putting any fibrous, hard, large foods into the disposal.

Since such disposals can cause clogging or damage. This will eventually create blocks in the drain and sewer line. Also, make sure to run a gush of cold water while you are using your garbage disposal. This would ensure that the contents that you are disposing doesn’t get stuck by any chance.

Make sure dispose grease correctly

One of the most common types of blockage that occurs in sewage systems is because of grease. It is a big NO-NO to pour oil or flush any grease down the drain. Now, you may think that how liquid form causes the problem of blockage.

But any sort of grease or oil has a tendency to gradually cool off and solidify over time. This can create blockage in your sewer line. Therefore, make sure to scrape the grease off your pans and pots into the garbage instead of throwing it down the pipe.

Handle the issue of clogged drains immediately

Now, here’s when you need to act fast and smart. If your sewer line is suffering from the issue of clogged drain then you must get a professional to handle it. Taking on the repair task on yourself may cause more damage to your sewer line.

However, a professional team can take care of the blocked drain easily and even recheck the pipes for any potential leaks or any present leaks caused by the clogged drain. Also, you can even clean the drains once a month to avoid any clogging.

Take into account of your landscaping

Did you know that your sewer line may get disrupted with plant and tree roots? This is why you have to ensure that the trees, shrubs and any other plant doesn’t come in proximity of your house’s sewer line or clean-outs.

Though if there is existence of any tree already near the sewer line then you must pay extra attention to the drain flow. If you detect any change in the drain flow make sure to contact an experienced sewer repair Bloomfield company to get it checked.

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