Life lesson taught by Tamasha

Life lesson taught by Tamasha

The movie started in a different location with a different idea and ended up being with a completely different climax. No doubt Imitiaz Ali knows how to create magic and portray the right message to the audience. Although a lot of people failed to hit on the actual concept and theme behind the movie but people who were able to click with aurora in which that movie was created definitely loved the idea and learned some lessons for life.

Here are some lessons that you learned to form the movie:

Do you have a habit of leaving things midway or run away from the reality that you don’t want to accept? You are wrong my friend you will never be able to do that. Learn to face reality no matter how harsh it is. The day when you will start accepting who you are, you will understand why are you different from others? What makes you special?

Relax, give some time to yourself don’t panic.

This is your life; you have all the right to take wrong decisions, to experiment, to fall, to fail and at last to succeed. Change the ending of your story anytime you are the designer of your destiny and you don’t need others to help you write your own tale.

Once in lifetime travel alone to discover your true personality. Travel helps you in finding your true soul. You are way different with yourself than the way you are with others.

Love stays no matter how long the distance is or how worst the situations are. You need to hold on to the person you claim to love. Adore them in their worst, appreciate them when they are losing confidence, have faith in your bond no matter what the world says. This one person has the power to change your life unexpectedly.

Parents should learn to start accepting the passion of their children. Let them be what they want to be. Let them face their own consequences and sufferings. Help them out, instead of killing their dreams, support them.

What is desired to happen will happen anyway?

At last, we all have dreams, how many of us have the courage to fights for those dreams; to work for those dreams is different.

Be who you are, create your own story.

Let the world follow you.

Stop chasing others.

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