Life in Old Manali, Kullu

Life in Old Manali, Kullu

Manali is a land of contrast. The natural beauty that is found here can’t be compared to any other place well except Kashmir. The endless hikes of Manali, the sports, the adventure, the crystal clear waters, and the culture is surely something to appreciate and be grateful for. In winters, the entire place is covered with a thick blanket of snow and everything at that time looks so clean and pure.

The beauty of this place will make you feel so calm and refreshing, like the way you might have never felt before. So if you are planning to have a trip this summer, then I would like to suggest this place for your holidays as it has so many beautiful things to offer.

Here are some of the most beautiful tourist attraction places in Old Manali

  • The Manali Gompa: The first spot that I choose to recommend is a historical place of Manali. This architecture was built by the Tibetan refugees in the 1960s. This place will offer you a soothing and quiet climate. This place will give you spiritual vibes and trust me you will enjoy the silence of this place, and the scenic views around this place. Plus this place has some stall markets for you to buy Tibetan handcrafted items.
  • Hadimba Temple: This prehistoric monument was built by the Maharaja Bahadur Singh in the early 1553s. The sanctuary is a dedication to Hidimba Devi, wife of the Bheema. This wooden architecture is very unique and made by the famous artisans of that time. This shrine is one of the finest places to visit in Manali. You will also find another memorial that was devoted to Hidimba Devi’s son Ghatotkachain the premises of the temple.
  • Manu Temple: This temple was dedicated to an old sage. And it is that old sage after whom this temple was named. Manu temple is surrounded by the pagoda-style architectures and adding to its beauty are the mountains that surround this temple. This place is surely worth your visit. You will find this temple open every day from 6.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Old Manali: As you might have guessed already,old Manali is referred to the oldest part of the town. Here you can enjoy the culture and the vintage places plus this old Manali offers some of the most breathtaking views of nature as this place allover surrounded by the forests and apple orchids. The bridge over the Manasul River divides the old Manali from the main town. Here you will find some old cafes where you can enjoy your lunchtime.

Things to do in Old Manali

  • The Nightlife of Old Manali: When visiting Old Manali try to enjoy the nightlife here and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. Old Manali is a food paradise with some of the best cafes like café 1947, Born Free, Evergreen, Sunshine, and many more.
  • Visiting Sacred Places: The second best thing to do in old Manali is to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere by visiting different spiritual places.
  • Culture: In the old Manali town you can surely enjoy the culture. The people here are loving and helpful. People love to walk by the town all by themselves and enjoy the views of the town and its people. And try to take a camera with you while visiting the market. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. 
  • Shopping: People here don’t have much to offer except their cultural heritage. So you can go to the market and find some of the most beautiful handcrafted items.
  • Manalsu River: This pace is the starting point of the old Manali town. Some of the cafes are established just around this River. You can sit around the river and enjoy the best of your moments.


So, in the end, I would just like to say that while visiting Manali try to visit the Old Manali too. Trust me it’ll be worth your experience and you will love it. This place will undoubtedly offer you joy and excitement. So don’t forget to put these places on your list before you go out for holidays. I hope this article helped you with what you were looking for.

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