Lessons you learn by the Age of 21

Lessons you learn by the Age of 21

Experience is a great teacher, and as soon as you grow, you realise your life has completely evolved. Adulting is the most critical phase of life. By the time you reach 21you learn about a lot of things about life, about yourself, about your surroundings, about people, about relations. 

Life becomes a bit tough as you need to work for your career, you lose many of your friends, you start avoiding social gatherings, and you start loving the time spent alone. So, here are a few lessons that you learn by the age of 21.


You are the warrior of your life. No one can live your part; no one can understand your inner emotions. It would help if you fought with your insecurity, the trauma you are facing right at this moment. Just remember that your pain, your sufferings are yours. Neither your parents nor your friends can fight for you. So, learn to fight your battles alone.  


Not everyone is your best buddy. Some people just come in your life to give you experience or lesson. Surround yourself with the quality of people who motivate you, who are creative, and who are innovative. Focus on quality, not quantity. Staying with groups is good, but if you feel you don’t fit in, don’t take time to quit. 


Your flaws are beautiful, and no scar can define you. Love the way you are or what you do. It would help if you were your priority, no one else. No matter what happens, never forget to love yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself, your hair, skin tone. You are beautiful in your way. 


Do follow your passion. Do what you love and try to excel in it. If you earn 2 lakh but are not happy then, my friend, you are in trouble. Instead, earn less but stay satisfied. Choose your career wisely, give it a thought and do proper research about it. Don’t be afraid to take the road not taken. Have the strength to start from scratch. 


Be grateful for everything you have. Whether its time or people. Don’t forget to say thank you to everyone who offers you a service or help you in any other way. While buying something from a shop, say thank you to them.


Explore the opportunities, explore the surroundings, explore yourself and explore the world around you. Go for solo trips this will help you to know about yourself, your strength and weakness or start a new hobby, learn new things. 

Life is harsh, I know, but sometimes all you need to have is patience, wait for the right time, and everything will fall in its place. You are beautiful, love yourself and spread love.

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