Know about the Keto diet: (Tips and Advice)

Keto Diet

One of the most common trends going on these days is to opt for the keto diet. If you have decided to be fit and are planning to start a keto diet routine then, you must know a few things about it.

So, this blog will give you a complete idea about what is keto diets, some recipes, and its positive and negative impact on one’s health.

The idea of a Keto diet

Let’s first start what is a keto diet?

Keto or Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet plan. The idea behind the keto diet is to get calories from protein and fat instead of carbohydrates. Yes, you read it right calories from fats. For instance, you can say you take around 60 – 75% calories from fat, 15 – 30% from protein, and 5 – 10% from carbohydrates.

Try to consume less than 50 grams of carbs in a day so that your body can lose weight quickly. For this, you need to cut down a few things like sugar, pastry, soda, or white bread.

What needs to be kept in mind is that keto diet is a short-term process to reduce weight but doesn’t have health benefits in a long run. As a result, you lose weight but this can result in some medical conditions as well.

Details about what to eat

For cooking purposes, you can use avocado oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, or coconut oil. It comes to vegetables then, you can go for green vegetables like mushroom, pepper, onion, or tomato. You need to avoid vegetables like potatoes corn, carrot, peas, and beet.

When it comes to drinking options a big no to alcohol. You can go for black coffee, green tea, and water. No sugar, if you are craving for dairy products you, can go for almond, coconut, or soya milk.

Side effects of the Keto diet

Keto diet is one of the most preferred diets these days but according to doctors, this diet can result in serious medical conditions as well. A sudden reduction in sugar and carbohydrate levels can result in certain side effects. You might suffer from headaches, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, constipation, trouble sleeping, nausea, sugar cravings, cramps, sore muscles, and bad breath.

To avoid this situation, try to drink plenty of water. You can also take a supplement called potassium citrate to prevent these conditions. If you are in an age group of 1 to 20 and are suffering from epilepsy then, there is a high probability of getting kidney stones if you are on a keto diet. So, consult a doctor before starting. If you are diabetic then completely say no to the keto diet.

If you see the following symptoms it’s high time to call your doctor:

  1. 1. Dryer flushed skin
  2. 2. Upset stomach
  3. 3. Everything
  4. 4. Pain in your belly
  5. 5. Dry mouth
  6. 6. Peeing more than regular

Some tips

  1. Workout on a regular basis.
  2. Say no to alcohol.
  3. Limit down a protein shake.
  4. Try to drink a lot of water.
  5. You can go for a 14 day or 28 keto challenge diet plan.

This was a complete guide about the Keto diet, food substitutes, and effective. Consult a doctor if you have any doubts and remember keto is a lifestyle, not a diet. Don’t panic if you are not able to do it in the first few days but you will get better with time. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Love yourself and embrace your Body!
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