Know about the future of solar energy in the US?

Know about the future of solar energy in the US?

Solar Energy is one of the finest energy resources on the planet, Earth. It is a kind of energy that can be trapped for using it as a renewable resource. For a clean and green future, we must know about the importance of solar energy. Sun is the main source of generating solar energy through which you can generate electricity. With the help of the photovoltaic effect, we harness the energy of the sun and use it for generating electricity. Solar energy is the cleanest amongst all the renewable energy resources.

Solar energy is a perfect way to meet our global needs. The photons from the sun fuel our earth with the most eco-friendlier energy.

A developing economy can utilize the power of solar energy and can generate revenues out of it. Installing it should be a must for each and every economy so as make our world greener and eco-friendlier. 

Why use solar energy?

The power of solar energy is immense. By using it, you can cut down on your electric bills. You need to simply install solar panels on your roofs so that it traps the solar energy and get charged. Solar panels are like an investment and it is totally foolish to consider them as an expense. Setting up of solar panels increases the property value. Thus, you can sell them without any difficulties. Solar energy helps us in protecting our environment from unnecessary contamination. Nowadays, companies are realizing the social as well as the economic aspects of it in our society.

The future of Solar Energy is questionable due to many reasons. Let us analyze and discuss them so as to draw a proper conclusion from it.

Is the US solar industry big?

The US solar industry is one of the leading solar industries in the world. It employs about 275,000 people and generates sufficient revenues and profits out of it. Before the end of the accounting year, it had deployed more than 2.5 million of Solar systems. According to reports of 2019, the US generated 2% of the electricity through solar mediums. The US has taken many decisions that would surely double the installation of PV systems. Solar System Deployment Projects are interconnected with its different states like California, Texas, and so on.

Is the US growing in the Solar Industry?

The interconnected grids are working well for the US. California helps the US to achieve its targets. The Solar PV capacity is almost 6 times the Solar PV capacity generated by North Carolina. More than 28000 MW have been installed in California. The other states like Texas, Florida, and Nevada are also expecting to do good. Recent studies have shown that the US can generate more than 6GW of solar panels within a year. Ohio, Georgia, and New York lead the other states in the manufacture of PV Systems.

What are the challenges faced by the Solar Industries?

The import tariffs can be a threat to the Solar industry. Around $22 billion gets lost because of tariff barriers. The US job market has become much tighter. This is exactly the reason why the employees are finding it difficult to survive in the race of the Solar Industry.

The manufacture of Solar Panels involves the use of chemicals which can harmful to the environment as well as for the working personnel.

How does the US Solar Industries Compete globally?

The US Solar Industries are doing well and are expected to increase their output. They are in the 2nd position according to the Cumulative PV Deployment. Many countries have taken to technologies like Photovoltaics and Concentrated Solar Power so as to efficiently convert solar energy into electricity. The US industries put more concentration on the use of interconnected solar-powered generators.


By going through the above-stated points carefully, we come to the conclusion that the future of Solar Energy in the US is bright. Living in this contaminated world is very difficult and that is the sole reason why we need to use renewable energy resources.

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