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Wind Energy

With the increasing population, the need for energy and power has also increased tremendously. The biggest challenge that the world is facing today is related to the significant sources of energy that we are using today. They are non-renewable and are bound to exhaust one day. To combat the need, renewable energy sources need to be adopted for use.

With solar, hydro, thermal, tidal, geothermal, biomass, and windbeing the notable renewable sources of energy, using them to generate power is becoming more viable and reliable. It is the form of energy generated from the flowing wind with the help of turbines and is gaining popularity.

Wind Energy – A Source Of Power

The wind is one of the most abundantly available, cleanest, free, and easily accessible renewable energy sources available around us. The use of the wind’s kinetic energy to generate power by converting it to mechanical energy with the help of turbines is wind energy.

Since the air flows in the earth’s natural environment, generating electricity from the flowing wind is one of the best renewable energy sources to use. The renewable and inexhaustible wind energy is researched widely to address the energy supply challenge that the world is facing today.

Wind energy is generated with the windmill’s help, which is a large structure erected on land or sea with a pole and big blades on the top connected to the wind turbines that generate electricity.

Forms Of Wind Energy

Wind, the most abundant form of renewable energy source, generates wind energy in three ways:

  • Unity Scale wind

The wind turbines that range from 100 KW to MW for mass distribution is a unity scale wind. The electricity is delivered to the primary power grid. From there, it is further distributed to the end-users by way of cable lines.

  • Distributed or small wind

The aim of generating one such energy is for rather a particular defined location like a house, farm, or a small business unit. The power is generated by using turbines below the 100 KW range. The primary grid is used for transferring, but the energy is stored and utilized by its location.

  • Offshore wind

As compared to the previous two, the turbines used in this are of considerable size and can generate even more power. These windmills are fixed in the water bodies, usually on the continental shelf, to create more power and energy.

Wind Energy – Pros and Cons

The Pros

Being a renewable energy source, wind serves the users with a lot of advantages. The main are:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It helps to generate jobs.
  • It is one of the purest and cleanest sources of fuel.
  • It is both sustainable and replenishable.
  • It can be used for domestic or a specific location easily.
  • It has economic value and low maintenance costs.

The Cons

Compared to the pros, the disadvantages of using wind energy are comparatively low and can be summarised as:

  • It is competitive in nature, with conventional sources available only.
  • The location of setting up the windmill is usually remote.
  • It causes noise and aesthetic pollution.
  • It might impact the land that could have been used for other purposes.
  • It can have an adverse impact on local wildlife.
  • The offshore windmill can compromise safety in the sea.

Future Of Wind Energy – A Source in Demand

With the ever-growing demand for cleaner and renewable energy sources, the future of wind energy is healthy and positive. The major factors to know about the growth and impact of wind energy include:

  • The growing speed of expansion of wind turbines to more comprehensive locations.
  • New and better technology is developed to harness wind energy.
  • Major oil producers are keen to invest in offshore wind energy.
  • With leading renewable energy sources, the confidence is also increasing, and so is the investment.

Final Verdict

The world is fast moving towards expansion and growth. For better prospects, consistent and renewable energy sources are a must.

To fulfil the needs of the population and business, wind energy is considered the most potent source and one with the prospects to grow at an incredible pace. Renewable energy sources are a must to adopt for a better and brighter future.

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