Is Democracy Just a Word for Private Organizations?

Is Democracy Just a Word for Private Organizations?

School life always felt like a controlled environment, but who would have thought office life would be an agony, where just like vampires, our bosses and team leaders would be sucking our blood and energy till we die.

Funny isn’t it that the organizations have been facing a significant confusion between democracy and dictatorship, they are not over from the British rule (does this needs any explanation, we have all read history) It isn’t effortless for the owners to see that their employees have a life other than serving in their company.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder, have these big firms forgotten that they live in a democratic province. Where the country gives us the right to do whatever we want by keeping the laws in mind that are amended by the constitution of India, but there we have the private sectors, the ones making our living impossible, treating their employees as a puppet. The crazy thing is that the employers, especially their so-called managers, believe that by ruling over their workforce, they will be able to derive productivity.

Just like me, some of you might have felt that the private organizations are serving the province of dictatorship, making the lives of employees traumatic day by day and hoping for efficiency as well as endurance from their staff. Strange it is? With the companies following their own “leadership protocols,” which constitutes making the lives of their workforce hell, and they still have the audacity of wondering why their personnel does not respect them or their rules.

It might seem I’m getting personal, so I can’t talk about other organizations, but the people I have met and spoke till now believes the same. These private firms, especially “IT companies in Chandigarh,” follows the same “ruling” principle, where they only want to suck the lives out of employees. Working in the city, all I saw were small firms, making such stupid rules, where they presumed it would drive productivity, but instead, they were left with no staff at all.

I have seen notices stating that the use of phones is prohibited, the use of earphones will not be entertained, and the most bizarre one, no one can leave their desk for more than 5 minutes. I can’t imagine what makes them think that these “rules” will let their staff stay for a long duration!

Weird. Are they high when they come out will such amazing policy?

Well, I guess they have blurred their vision of understanding that they live in a free and democratic country, where the rules should empower the citizen, for them the employees. There is a quote that states, “with great power comes great responsibility,” making it controversial, I would like to recreate it “great power makes you lose your mind’s stability.”

Not putting every organization on the same pedestal, some focus more on the work than keeping a check on what their workers are doing now and then. Understanding the value of having a productive employee is a blessing that not everyone is consecrated with, as there are still the remain the terrains of stupidity that most of the small firms in Chandigarh are following, yet don’t know why expecting something good after traumatizing their staff.

Their thinking amuses me, by providing the staff with such a charming business infrastructure, the business owners believe that they own their workforce. With the hunger to strive, most of the people compromise with their dignity because every organization follows the same roots. Though, my question remains unanswered, is democracy just a word for private organizations?

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