What is CBD? Is CBD legal in India?

Is CBD legal in India | CBD Products

CBD or cannabidiol products are the chemical compounds obtained from a plant named cannabis. This plate is available at various parts of the globe, including India, and the products of this brand are widely sold in the country.

The question of whether CBD is legal or illegal in India is quite common and existing for a long time. But to clear it out, CBD products have a wide range of benefits to the human body. And due to that, there is no more of a disadvantage to announce it illegally.

Advantages of CBD products

There are various uses and benefits of CBD products. IT arrives from a natural herb and thus, provides benefits like,

  1. Reduces pain and stress.
  2. Relieves from mental imbalances.
  3. Reduces Inflammation.
  4. Reduces Acne.

How is it extracted?

The CBD compounds are originally extracted from the hemp plants that are bred for many nutritional purposes. These compounds are then turned into various products like oil and paste for further health benefits through scientific methods.

CBD Hemp Oil

The CBD oil is different from the CBD hemp oil. CBD hemp oil refers to the oil extracted from the cannabis flowers and is used for many medicinal benefits. CBD hemp oil reduces inflammation, boosts heart health, aids diabetes treatment, and also reduces cancer risk.

Thus, CBD hemp oil is quite popularly sold across the country.

Types of CBD Oil

The various types of CBD oil include –

  • Rick Simpson Oil 
  • Supercritical CO2 Oil
  • Butane Honey Oil
  • Rosin

CBD products

CBD products are popular due to the naturality they absorb and the benefits they provide to the health of the people. CBD products are also known as the best in the beauty world because –

  • They protect sensitive skin
  • They reduce Acne and inflammation
  • It enhances skin quality

Other than oil, CBD has many other products to sell like –

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules.
  • Topicals.
  • Sprays.
  • Vapes.
  • Inhalers
  • Paste

What is THC?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a natural compound found from the cannabis plant. Apart from the CBD oil, THC is another compound to make oil.

According to the India CBD Law 2020, the oil content must not have THC below 0.3%. The average amount of THC in any CBD oil is 12 percent.

Uses of CBD products

  • It is used for cutting off the cigarette addiction
  • It is used for the reduction of Acne
  • It helps to treat diabetes
  • It helps to treat Fibromyalgia
  • It cures insomnia
  • Reduces Skin diseases like Eczema
  • It is used to control chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.


The CBD products are available online on various shopping websites that can deliver the right product to you to your doorstep.


Both CBD and THC products contain medicinal properties and are legalized in the country. Thus, using any of them won’t cause any disadvantage to the health of an individual.

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