How you can strip your PDF down to JPG files

Strip PDF to JPEG Files

Ever experience the frustration of having the perfect image tied to a whole PDF? In the real world, all it takes is a pair of scissors to cut out a page from a magazine or document. But what do you do if you have a digital format like PDF to deal with?

Well, as luck would have it, you’re not totally lost in the woods. That’s because there are ways to get that PDF to JPG converted quickly. So, if you’ve ever pondered on How to convert PDF to JPG, then the steps below just might be the answer you need.

1- Use a PDF creator

Ironically, some of the best ways to break a PDF down is using the same program that creates it. That’s right, you can convert PDF to JPG free using these very PDF creators.
As for which ones you should go for, there’s really no hard and fast rule. Any program that has the ability to change PDF to JPG is good enough. In fact, most programs worth their salt just include this option by default.

Two of the main ones you should always target are Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Reader. Both of them can natively get you from PDF to JPG with just a few mouse clicks. These options will always be in the export section if you ever get lost.

2- Use an Online Converter

Converting your PDF to JPG online can be a great feeling. And when all you need to do is open a URL, drop your files, and wait a few seconds, then you’re practically living the dream.

Getting a PDF to JPG converter online is pretty much a one-step process. You can either search for one or just go to one of many trusted sites offering a PDF to JPG converter free of any costs.
The best part about using these converters is that they’re fairly simple to work with. You don’t have to go around learning the ins and outs of programs or anything. Just let your conversion happen automatically.

3- Scan your PDF

For the direct approach, you can always scan your PDF. It’s definitely a few steps easier than scanning an actual book. Plenty of programs will let you do this. The main choices you’ll have are scanner programs and OCR programs.

The first is simple, they work the same as physical scanners and will let you capture your document from top to bottom. Otherwise, you can go for OCRs. These are a bit more complex than your average JPG to PDF converter.

OCRs are actually built to scan any written words and you give the raw output as text. On password-protected PDFs, these can work wonders to grab the text to get your PDF to JPG free.

4- Get a Converter App

Cellphones aren’t just for making calls and playing games. These wonderful slabs of technology can act as great productivity tools when you need them to. That means they can convert PDF to JPG too.

If things get confusing, just open up your app store and search for a converter with high ratings. You’re bound to find a free PDF to JPG converter that can do all the heavy lifting with just your smartphone on hand.

5- Open the Preview Program on Mac OS

As with most things, not everyone is sporting a Windows based PC or laptop. So, you might find yourself wondering how to change PDF to JPG if you have your feet planted in the Apple ecosystem.

Thankfully, you’re not going to be totally lost if your daily driver is a Mac. There are ways of getting a PDF done up to end with some JPGs. In fact, you don’t even have to download any programs or visit any sites. You can do it right out of the system.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. And it’s all thanks to the pre-installed Preview program that comes on Mac OS. Just open up your PDF, hit the File tab, and select export from the dropdown menu. You’ll have a bunch of different options with JPG nestled in there.