How to Share Instagram on Facebook?

How to Share Instagram on Facebook?

We all want to have an easy life. Instagram, currently owned by Facebook, is trying to make our social life easier by offering new and more useful features every day. This is one of the recently added features, to be able to post Instagram stories to Facebook.

The ability to automatically post Instagram posts on Facebook has been active for a long time. If you link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can share posts on Facebook directly from Instagram. There is no need to upload the photos to each account separately.

However, sometimes when you share a post, even if you press the share this post on a Facebook button, the post is not shared. Then it may be necessary to fix some problems. The specialists of the Social Captain service, who have gained vast experience in the field of promoting social networks, have unique skills and know exactly how to quickly wind up your Facebook or Instagram problems about Digital media marketing. This learning will enhance your concept of promoting likes and following of Instagram and Facebook. Numerous positive reviews about our work confirm this.

In this article, we will tell you how you can share Instagram posts and stories on Facebook.


  • Integrate your Facebook and Instagram account.
  • Sign out of both apps.
  • Change your Facebook password
  • Remove Facebook link

1. Integrate your Facebook and Instagram accounts

To share your Instagram posts on Facebook directly from the app, you have to connect the two. If you don’t link the two accounts properly, your Instagram posts will not be shared on Facebook.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step: Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the profile section. Touch the three-dot icon on the top of the right corner.

Step: Scroll down and tap Linked Accounts. You will find different social networks listed here. Tap Facebook. Give the necessary permissions.

After doing this, make sure that the Facebook tag turns blue. This implies that your Facebook profile is linked to your Instagram account.

Instagram automatically links your personal facebook account. If you want to link to a different page or account then you have to select it separately.

In case of multiple pages, tap Edit Profile to choose a page where you want to automatically send your Insta posts. Then, under Edit Profile, tap the Facebook Page and select your page.

2. Sign out of both Apps

Sometimes a simple solution like signing out solves Facebook and Instagram problems. Since we need to link the Facebook and Instagram accounts, we basically do a universal reset by signing in. After logging out from both applications, you need to log in again and follow the steps

Follow these steps to sign out of Instagram:

Go to the profile section in the Instagram app and tap the three-dot icon on the top of right corner.Scroll down the screen and tap Sign Out of your account.

Similarly, to log out of your Facebook account, open the Facebook app and tap the three bars horizontal menu in the upper right corner. Scroll down the screen and tap Exit.Then, first login to Facebook and follow Instagram. As mentioned above, follow solution 2 to link these accounts.

3. Change your Facebook password

Another solution you can try to solve Facebook link problem with Instagram is to change your Facebook password. This basically means leaving all sessions. And, if something goes wrong due to a wrong session, doing so will allow you to post Instagram posts back to Facebook. Follow these steps to change the Facebook passcode:

Open the Facebook app on your phone and touch the three bar menu. Scroll down the screen and tap Account Settings, then tap Security & login.

Then tap Change password and change your password

When you change the password, you will log out of all connected Facebook applications. Sign in to the Facebook app using the new password, and then connect Instagram and Facebook as mentioned in solution 1.

If you want to freeze your Facebook account instead of changing the password, you can get more detailed information here .

4. Remove Facebook Link

Often, when you reset your Facebook password, Instagram won’t remove you from your Facebook account. Linking will continue, but will not automatically post its posts on facebook. Therefore, to fix this, you need to unlink Facebook from Instagram and then reconnect two accounts.

To unlink Facebook from Instagram, touch the three-dot icon in the top right corner of Instagram’s profile section. Then, tap Facebook, then Linked Accounts. Under Facebook, tap Unlink. After doing this, reboot your phone and reconnect as mentioned above.

You can completely remove the Instagram link from Facebook.You can try removing Instagram from connected apps on Facebook. However, when you do this, all your previous posts will also be deleted from Facebook.

If you want to try this solution, follow these steps:

Step: Open the Facebook website on your PC and tap the small down arrow on the top bar. Select Settings from the menu.

Step: Select Applications from the left sidebar and choose Instagram from the list of applications. Then click Uninstall. This will cancel access to Instagram from Facebook.

If you want to link these two accounts and share automatically then you will need to reconnect Facebook to the Instagram account, like other solutions.

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