How to Reuse Old Sarees? Fashion Tips for Ladies

How to Reuse Old Sarees? Fashion Tips for Ladies

Sarees are worn by women of countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and etc. Women often sell their old sarees or tear them to make floor-cloth. However, this is not the only way of using old sarees. You can make innumerable things using old sarees. Through your time, creativity, and effort you can even make money using your old sarees.

Let us know about some productive ways to reuse sarees.

You can make a new saree using your old sarees

Yes, you can make a new saree using your old sarees. Definitely, it requires a lot of time and effort. You can measure the lengths and cut the torn out portion and replace it with another cloth. In order to do this effectively, you have to be creative.

You can make a towel

You can make a towel through your used sarees. Some people might think that sarees get wet easily so how they are gonna work. It is recommended to make sure that there must be several layers of your saree so that the towel becomes a bit thick.

You can make a salwar suit using your old saree

Creativity is much needed to do this in an effective manner. You can easily use the body of your saree for making the sleeves or “odhani”

You can use different sarees to make patchwork and designs look more beautiful and appreciative.

You can make regular to use pants

It is one of the easiest ways to reuse old sarees. You can also make a regular to use night pants using your sarees. Cotton sarees are preferable for making pants.

You get the opportunity to make a skirt using your old saree

You can prefer using silk or georgette sarees for making skirts. It can be a painful task for you. However, you get to save your money. If you properly work on it then you can even make a party-wear using an old saree.

You can make your own handbags

Old Sarees have always been fruitful for making handbags. You can use these handbags while buying vegetables, groceries, and so on. One can also add designs using your other old sarees.

Can be used as home decor

Yes, you can use it as home decor. You only need to show your creativity skills on your sarees. You can frame the creative piece of work and can use it as decor. Through your painting and stitching skills, you can create a masterpiece out of your old saree.

You can make a scarf

It is one of the most productive ways of using your old saree. Scarves are never out of fashion and wearing it gives one an iconic look. You can make your scarf look beautiful through your own creativity. You can style your saree into a beautiful colorful scarf.

You can painlessly make curtains, fridge, and pillow covers

If you find it very arduous to make new clothes using your old sarees then curtains, fridge, and pillow covers are a perfect option for you. It is not even that time-taking. You can make curtains according to your preferences. You yourself can style your pillow covers and so on.


The above-stated points can really be helpful in saving lots of money. Reusing Sarees are not only environmentally friendly but also user-friendly. Many people tie-up with agencies and make money through their products. You can also make new products using your old sarees and sell them.

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