How to repeat Jeans like a Pro

How to repeat Jeans like a Pro

I hope you are doing well and trying out all the new fashion trends. I know its quite tough to maintain a fashion statement. Each one has one pair of jeans which is our favorite and we wanna repeat it every time possible. What if I ask you to repeat your favorite pair of jeans for eight times?

Strange you might get confused about how is even that possible. So, this blog is about styling your same jeans eight times that too like a pro. 

The First Look 

Grab your favorite pair of jeans and style it with your maxi dress. Yes, your maxi dress. This will look at an old ’90s but you are going to love this look.

I have paired my blue jeans with floral print blue jeans and here is how it looks.

The Maxi dress is from Sarojini Nagar Market Price – INR 500

The Second Look 

This will give you an old retro feel. So, I am trying my floral print white shirt with my favorite blue jeans. To enhance the look I have used printed hairband and white shoes. Carry a sling bag to give it a more elegant look. 

This shirt I brought from Kamla Nagar Market Price – INR 350 

The Third Look 

Ethnic is something that makes you look WOW. So, why not style your Kurti with a pair of jeans. So, in this look, I have worn the dark blue Kurti with blue jeans and white shoes to give it an elegant look or you can go for wedges or heels. 

I have carried a black bag with it. You can carry bangles and don’t forget to add some dazzling earrings. 

You can buy this Kurti from Shree Kurti Price approximately INR 2500

The Fourth Look 

For this look I am using a shrug so basically, it’s a shrug from a three-piece dress and I paired it with blue jeans and black spaghetti. To add more to it I have added a silver choker and kept my hair open. 

You can go for any shrug that you have.  The one in the Image is from Sector – 7 Rohini.

Price INR 1800

The Fifth Look 

Now, I have used my pink and white strips kimono instead of shrug with a black crop top. It is giving a girly look and I have completed this look with my dark pink earrings. You can go for a summer blazer or a cropped jacket. 

Dress in the Image is from Sarojini Nagar Market Price INR 300

The Sixth Look 

In this look, I have used Denim. Denim on denim will give a completely new look. Apart from that denim is a piece that you can wear anytime with any dress. So, this is one of my favourite looks. I have paired it with a blue-black top and silver earing.

This Dress can be found Online Price ranged INR 700

The Seventh Look 

In this look I have gone for a yellow T-shirt and tied it from the center to give it a tie tee look. I have completed the look with half tie. You can add some earrings to it. 

The Eight Look

In my last look I have paired the pair of blue jeans with a white tunic top. You can add pink earrings or black ones to complete the look and don’t forget to wear your white sneakers. 

I hope you loved this look. So, what are you waiting for try out these look and remember you are beautiful and no one can scale or judge your looks or beautiful.

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