How to move PPT files into PDF and PDF files into PPT?

Convert PPT to PDF

Moving ppt file into pdf

As we all know, PowerPoint files are quite big and bulkier which makes them extremely suitable to store. That’s why, whenever we have to keep a record of PPT files, we opt for converting the format from ppt to pdf. In doing so, your file size gets reduced to about one-third of the original file. 

This small size, in turn, helps a lot in sharing the file via email with your clients, employers, and colleagues. Another benefit of converting ppt into a pdf is that it locks down all the content of your slides and presentations. In this way, the recipient could not alter or edit any data. 

However, the process of ppt conversion to pdf was a change but with the spin pdf, that’s not a big deal anymore. Just follow these simple steps and complete the conversion. 

Step one: Find the tool

First of all, you need to visit and find the required tool. The home page of this website contains a complete list of free conversion tools. These tools are completely safe to use and tested thoroughly. From the tool section, click on the option of converting to pdf. A drop-down menu will appear from which you need to choose the PPT to PDF option.

Step 2: Move the file

As soon as you click on PPT to PDF option, dropbox. This dropbox provides you the option of dropping your pdf files directly there or choosing it from Google drive, URL, and one drive. Click on the option where you have previously stored your ppt file. Find the ppt file and upload it over the tool. 

It may take a few seconds to complete but as soon as your file will be uploaded, you just have to click on the convert button and let the tool do its work. 

Step 3: Store the file

Within less than a minute, this Ppt to pdf online tool will convert your complete ppt file into a pdf one. Once the conversion will complete, you could download the newly-generated pdf file by simply clicking on the download button. 

Besides changing the format of the complete ppt file, you can also select a few slides of interest to undergo conversion. For example, if you want to share only a few slides with your client, just select those slides and the tool will generate a separate pdf containing only the slides of interest. 

Moving pdf file into ppt

No doubt that there’s no better format for storing and sharing the files than pdf. However, we cannot use the same pdf files for presentation purposes. There are many reasons which make the pdf format a failure when it comes to presenting data such as

  1. The content is compressed and even the unnecessary details are removed to reduce file size in pdf format.
  2. Since pdf files are non-editable, you can change the font and layout of the file.
  3. Font size is kept too small and animations could not be a part of pdf. 

All these and many other reasons impel the presenter to move the pdf content into a PowerPoint file so it could be a part of the presentation and helps the audience to understand our perspective more easily. Thanks again to the spin pdf since it makes this task also easier for us. Now, for moving a pdf file into a ppt with a pdf to ppt converter online, you don’t need to possess huge technical knowledge; instead, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Convert pdf to ppt

Visit the website and go to the main menu. From here, select the PDF to PPT option. On clicking on the option, the tool will ask you to drop your pdf file into dropbox. Choose the file you want to convert into ppt and click on the convert icon. Wait for a few seconds until the conversion gets completed. On completion, a success notification will pop up on the display. Click on the download icon and store your file on the device. 

Step 2: Merge 

Once you are done with converting pdf into ppt, you can add the slides of your newly-generated ppt file into the ppt file you have previously prepared for presentation. Arrange the sequence of slides accordingly and you are good to go.