How can we utilise the Waste Materials

How can we utilise the Waste Materials

Best out of waste

Every time waste material is considered as a useless thing, and people only think of disposing of such content, it should be kept in mind that such waste material can be used further in some form or the other, which in-turn safes various resources and environment.

To make optimum utilization of resources and protection of the environment, we must make the best out of waste.

What difference does waste segregation make? How can we save our planet by re-using kitchen waste? How can we utilize fruits and vegetables at their best?

There are numbers of questions pop up in our mind when we see our planet suffering due to us. We want to take a few steps to save our motherland, but we are clueless about a few things, such as:

What to do with the peel of vegetables and fruits? How can we help our environment by waste segregation?

We can use every little penny spend on food in various ways to get optimum use and least waste. We can use the peel in several ways out of few are listed below:

1 Face mask

We all want to have healthy and glowing skin, what if you get to know that you can get bright, smooth, and healthy skin from kitchen waste. Yes, you read it right; there are several vegetables and fruits whose remains can do wonders on your skin if used correctly.

Almost all fruits and vegetable peels can be used for the skin, but you can get the best results from these peels: Lemon, banana, cucumber, orange, chikkoo, tomato, papaya, potato. You can use the waste appropriately and get healthy and glowing skin without paying a hefty price for the same.

2 Fertilizers

You get it from nature; you use it and return to it, to maintain a balance and cleanliness. Almost every peel and eggshell can help you get a beneficial fertilizer for your plant without buying them from the market. You will be making a big move towards a healthy environment without wasting a penny.

3 Edible for animals

All most every kitchen waste is edible for animals like cow/buffalo/cat/sheep. All peel excluding pineapple is edible for animals. You can ask your milkman to take skin from you for his cow, or you can collect peel, and every weekend, you can go to Cow Shelter home near you to pet a few cows.

4 Fruit jam

Peel of apple, orange, mango, and lemon can be used to make fruit jam. Take the peel, chop them very finely, boil them in a jar until the water gets half, add sugar according to your taste. Let it get back to the room temperature, and here is your homemade fruit jam is ready without any preservatives.

5 Scented candles

You have had no idea you can use the peel of various fruits such as orange, lemon, pineapple, avocado, watermelon, coconut shell for spreading aroma in your house. Take the skin, give it any shape if you want, put wax in it, and let it dry. Light them up on your special occasions. You don’t need only dry peel for making candles. You can use fresh as well as a dry peel.

6 Soaps

Here is another trick for using kitchen waste to make your skin healthy while feeling fresh. You need to dry the peel of your favorite fruit or vegetable, which suits your skin best as per the weather condition. Blend them to get a powder, and now you can use this powder as body/ face scrub or add some soap base to it and get the soap out of it, which will make you feel fresh every morning and proud as you are saving the environment while spending a single penny.


You are kindly requested to try and make full use of the waste available at your place. This will not only save you with unnecessary spending money but will also provide you with natural products while you also take care of the environment.

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