Future of Solar Power Companies

Future of Solar Power Companies

Energy is the base for all the activities. For the smooth running of various functions and to fulfil the needs, we need to have a sustainable and consistent source of energy. Witnessing the decrease in the availability of non-renewable energy sources, the search for renewable sources is rising. This search has to lead us to land on the use of solar energy. In literal terms, solar energy is the ultimate source of power and the force that helps to keep life on earth moving.

The powerful radiant rays of the sun in the solar system are used to generate power in the form of thermal or electrical energy with the help of the solar panels. The same can easily be installed at homes and industries or even on a large scale to produce consistent power. It is undoubtedly the purest form of energy to adopt for the future.

Solar Power Companies – Building a better future

With the advent of the higher demands and need for a clean source of energy, various solar power companies have developed and came into existence. The solar word is a bussing word that has attracted a lot of investors and has given a base for new startups.

With the cutting edge innovation, manufacturing, and expert designing, the solar power companies thrive on producing products that can fulfill the need for power at the personal as well as industrial levels. With the low cost of energy, the investment that one needs to make in solar energy makes it even profitable and desirable.

Some of the top solar power companies with their unique selling points across the world are:

  • JinkoSolar – The world’s most enormous solar energy and leading solar panel manufacturer from China.
  • SunPower Corp – The Silicon Valley based top solar panel manufacturers for over three decades.
  • Hanwha Q Cells – The South Korea based company that deals in solar energy and solar panel manufacturer covering small modules to large scale plants.
  • Cypress Creek Renewables – The company with a prime focus on utility-based ground projects by way of creating new opportunities in the emerging market.
  • First Solar Inc – The global leader in the development of the comprehensive photovoltaic (“PV”) solar systems that apply advanced module and system technology.
  • Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd – India’s biggest solar power company to enable solar everywhere.
  • Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd – A prominent solar power company catering to the industries to create its own plant with zero investment.

Types of various Solar Systems

The solar power companies have developed new tools and techniques for the better utilization and generation of solar power from energy. The top methods that are applied to generate solar energy are:

  • Grid-Tied Solar Power System – These are usually connected to a home or the utility grid for direct use of energy. It doesn’t include storage of energy for future use, but the solar power generated is used instantly in this solar system.
  • Standalone Solar Power System – This is an entirely independent solar system. Under this as well the solar energy so generated is directly utilized by the appliance connected or is stored for future use.  
  • Hybrid Solar Power Systems – This s a grid-tied type of the solar system with the additional facility of a UPS system to store the energy for use in the future.

Solar Energy in USA – Growing Demand

Solar power is the most affordable and abundant source of energy. Since 2008 solar energy in USA has increased in terms of installation up to 35 folds, estimated to be 62.5 GW in 2020 quarter two. Also the average cost the solar photovoltaic panels have dropped bt 50% since 2014, as per the government records.

It is estimated that by 2021-25, the USA solar market will install approximately 100 GWdc of solar systems which is 42% more than what is installed in the last five years. With the ease of access and being one of the cleanest sources of energy, the entrants in the solar market are also high in the USA, and the future of solar power is lucrative as well.

The Future of Solar Energy – A Clean Source of Energy

Globally, solar energy is just 1% of the total energy produced worldwide. But in recent time, the need for power has increased enormously based on the population boom. The non-renewable sources of energy are sufficient to fulfill all the requirements. Hence, the search for renewable sources is seen as more crucial.

The expected figure is to rise up to 16% by 2050 as per the current statistics. The development of the new techniques and technologies have ensured reduced costs of installation. The overall advantages are global. With the additional incentives and with wise investment, the future of solar energy is bright and lively for the world.

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