Fraud Check Scams with Web Design / Development companies

Fake check Scams with Web Design Companies

Recently, I started receiving a lot of Emails from few Outlook Emails accounts for developing some Event Planning/Restaurants/Spa and Charity websites. They will ask you for your estimated Price for Web Development wherein they claim to have Logo, Images and Content with them.

These are well Written Emails, Sharing you Few here

Am the director of John Olive Wedding Planner. I will like you to build a wedding planning website for me.

We are a creative wedding planning, wedding design, and wedding coordination company located in Cary, North Carolina. We like to party – but we LOVE to plan and design. We help people to make every aspect of their event stunning and on schedule. All of our services are customizable to fit exact visions and lifestyles. John Olive Wedding Planner believes in passion, imagination, and designing with a pinch of the unexpected. We operate with companies and governing bodies, and others to plan, execute the events that engage stakeholders, secure donations, set up new products & services, celebrate achievements, and so forth. We also plan and orchestrate some of the most unparalleled and memorable social events and premiere weddings. We are experts in multiple crafts so clients possess all the implements they require under one umbrella to pull in their event seamless and successful. Our services are as follows:
Virtual EventsEvent Design & LogisticsGoal ManagementAudiovisual, Technical, and Creative DesignMedia ProductionEvent Entertainment
Am explaining all this to you so that you could possess a sounder discernment of our new wedding planning company, with I am sure you will be able to construct a simple and beautiful website for us.
Check this website
The website giving is an example of why I said 4 weeks because i believe the time frame is enough to create a site and because we plan on opening the company officially in four weeks. Kindly get back to me with an estimation, the estimate should include the hosting and domain.
Hence, you need to go over that sample website first and then let me know if you can construct something similar to that for me within four weeks. I will be forwarding you the logos and the images and every other thing you need for the job, all you require to do is to make me a flawless Event Management website that will be simple and attractive. I, as a matter of fact, want something improving than the sample website giving.
I want you to take note of the following:
My budget is not more than $4200(let me know if your budget is more). So kindly get back to me with your total estimate for the job with hosting and domain price included.
I will be providing the logos, image, and contents. All you need to do is to create the website, though I would have preferred a website designer from the USA because of communication mode.
I want a simple and nice design just like the sample website giving but it should be much more classic and graphic wise than this.
Let me know the amount you want for the job, my budget for the job is $5000 with hosting included(Give me know an explanation or let me know if your price is more than my budget)
I want the domain name to be

John Olive Wedding Planner

Also, Check this Email

Also, Sharing you few Email Addresses

I am sharing you all some of the Email Addresses that these Bank Scammers / Fraudesters are using. check below

They will pay upfront via Physical Check in the USA only as they are saying that Bank had warned them not to use Paypal or any Debit, Credit cards as Bank previously double remit their account. so they can pay you only via Cheques. and they gonna send you extra money that you asked for Project that includes the Payment of some Private Consultant for the Website. and once you receive the check in the USA, This will be a Printed Cashiers Fraud check and now they want you to pay for the Private consultant.

Beware!! Beware!! Big Scam – Frauds

This is a Third Party Payout Scam!! or say it Payment Reversal Scam, the Advance Fee Scam or the Overpayment Scam. Once you receive the Checks they all are Fake Checks. sharing with you few Screenshots of Fraud Checks.

Beware!! Beware!! Beware!! Fraud check Scam

They will Pay you some Extra Money using these Fake Fraud Checks and ask to return it to someone who is having a Logo, Images and Content. Don’t do that because usually, Bank takes 3 – 5 Business days to check if the written Check is Legit or not however sometimes they might deposit you Money in your Bank. and all Fake checks will be voided Bank and your Account go Negative.

Amir Hussain says he is the CEO of Websols pvt UAE. Is a big Scammer.

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