Experience the Amazing Chipla Kedar Trek!

Chipla Kedar Trekking Uttarakhand

One of the most challenging trekking spots called the Chipla Kedar is present at a height of 5200 meters above the sea level. The exciting trek is important in terms of religious beliefs and hence people visit the place as a pilgrimage. It offers some of the most beautiful and amazing scenic views.  The sweet meadows surrounding the place makes the vibe very different from others. The place receives a good amount of snow during winter which makes it more beautiful. But it is very well said that everything that shines is not gold. The terrains and the mountains are very attractive but they provide some of the hardest situations one can face.

What makes it different and exciting?

  • The Chipla Kedar Trek is one of the most mysterious treks as in Hindu religion the place is known as the hidden Kailash. The Kailash peak is nearby but people claim that it is impossible to climb it as this is the place where the Hindu god, the destroyer Shiva resides.
  • You will find people over the trek on a religious journey and enjoying the conditions as a gift of God. They appreciate everything and this provides you with a good positive vibe.
  • The height is very much more than the usual trek, so it is more dangerous.
  • People also have created a worship place over the Chipla Kedar Trek hence the environment is really great to enjoy.
  • There are many exclusive animals and birds over the place which is an attraction seeker to many trekkers out there.
  • Musk deer, one of the most mysterious and rare found animal is still present on the Kedar peak. You can find Snow Leopard, wild goat Pika, and many more such unique organisms over the trek.

How to reach the Trekking Point?

Now, you might be thinking that such a hard looking trek must have some of the most dangerous pathways. If you are thinking, it is going to be hard then yes it is. In this trek be prepared to face some of the worst conditions, hence on one hand it is exciting and on the other it is dangerous.

  • The most preferred place to start will be Haldwani, which is very near to Dharchula. You can easily drive overnight to Dharchula and hence go further to Tawaghat.
  • The way after Dharachula is not that easy as the roads are not that well maintained. Even you won’t be getting a lot of hotels out there.
  • Further, the most preferred place next on the way is a small village called Bunga. Bunga has developed into a favorite spot for tourists over these years for an overnight stay in the way to Chipla Kedar.
  • Next comes is the starting of your real trek. The next stop will be Pikhu and this one is at 12000 feet above the sea level.
  • Talagarh is just 8 kilometers away from the spot but still, it takes much more time than one can expect to cover such a short distance. Here is a fact for nature lovers. You will find the state flower of Uttrakhand only over this place. The flower called BramhaKamal and is a complete wonder of nature.
  • Further, the way progresses to Pataudkund and your trekking will contain small stops made there for trekkers. Eventually, you will be returning to Dharchula and further via Pithodhgarh back to origination.

This trek is very special and is more time taking than all the others in the Himalayan Range. The Chipla Kedar trek is a complete delight for hardcore trekkers.

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