Diabetes, Heart diseases, and Asthma – How they are linked

Diabetes, Heart Sickness and Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory irregularity that is a lifelong disease and cannot be cured because scientifically no cure for this disease has been found. However, the symptoms and the triggers which boost the symptoms of this disease can be controlled by taking the right precautions and preventive measures. Smoke from factories, kitchens, and even smoking is one the most effective triggers along with dust particles, pet hair, skin, and even saliva, and also some kinds of foods that trigger allergy and again can trigger asthma as allergy-induced asthma. These triggers if avoided completely with the use of inhalers like Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds can reduce the chances of getting you into some other diseases and control the symptoms.

Linkage of asthma and heart disease

Heart diseases are very much linked with asthma. A person having asthma is more likely to get a heart attack or a stroke due to asthmatic symptoms. The person can develop heart disease while having asthma also this disease more commonly hampers the cardiovascular systems of the body and asthma restricts the respiratory systems of the body. The symptoms of asthma and heart diseases have many things in common like chest pain, chest discomfort, and tightness of the chest, and also shortness or having problems while breathing and can be mistaken as the symptoms of asthma.

However, people who do not suffer from asthma have fewer chances of getting an attack, or strokes. Normal chest pain and chest discomforts can be mistaken as asthmatic events but sometimes the signs say about the heart. Therefore, people are advised to take chest pains and other signs seriously if they are already having asthma because asthmatic patients have an 80% higher risk of getting a heart attack or any disease related to the heart. So they should always carry their Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds whenever they move out.

It becomes more a matter of risk for a person to control the signs and symptoms of those who already had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD just because asthma is more effectively linked with an increased risk of heart attacks. And the risk is almost doubled. Heart disease and asthma both are such diseases that they are related to the inflammation or swelling of the inner walls and airways. This inflammation, which is chronic one is not good and can-do permanent damage to the body. Doctors become extra preventive while dealing with heart disease along with asthmatic conditions to reduce the risk factors of getting an asthmatic attack as well as a heart attack or a stroke and also to cure the heart disease if any.

Diabetes linkage on the other hand

Diabetes is a disease that is related to the metabolism of blood in the body. It is linked with an increased sugar level in the blood, it is caused if the body is not able to produce a hormone called insulin which is responsible to move the sugar in the blood into the cells to get stored but the deficiency in this hormone results in a rise in the sugar level. However, a person suffering from this disease is more likely to have affected his pulmonary vessels which also bring about heart diseases including asthmatic conditions and symptoms.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus are more significantly known as diabetes are more likely to develop diseases like COPD and asthma just because in diabetes the lung function is decreased hence causing other pulmonary diseases. Diabetes gives rise to several heart problems which in return causes the symptoms of asthma. So, we can say that these diseases are very much linked together.

Controlling the diseases

Asthmatic conditions or symptoms can be controlled and the person needs to be very careful and take preventive measures like wearing a mask while going out, avoiding food habits that can trigger allergy, and stay away from the triggers of asthma. People with asthma need to carry inhalers like Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds with them all the time and also need to keep track of the usage of the medications inside the inhalers so as to avoid getting caught without an inhaler somewhere far from home and during the times of an asthma attack. They also need to gather information about the home remedies and natural ways on how to deal with the triggers and the symptoms if caught without or an empty inhaler. However, inhalers, for an asthmatic patient, are very necessary.

So, if the asthmatic conditions are controlled in a proper way then the chances of getting a heart disease also reduce. However, to cure and control heart diseases the person needs to get into some other kind of medication and doctor advice on cardiovascular diseases. And what should one do if he is getting an advance sign that he may get some kind of a heart attack; a minor one or a major one. Controlling asthma and its symptoms and dealing with heart disease is different despite having some common symptoms and needs some special care and attention and preventive measures.

While in diabetes the sugar level or the glucose in blood needs to be controlled. As we know that the deficiency of insulin secretion results in diabetes, it is required by the person to inject a dosage of insulin externally into the blood directly. The person is required to change food habits in order to control the sugar metabolism and reduce or even avoid foods that have sugar in them. So, we come to a conclusion that the diseases diabetes, heart disease, and asthma are linked together and their treatments are different, and also one needs to control one of the diseases completely in order to reduce the chances of getting the other one.


Coming to the connection of these three ailments, the connectivity cannot be overlooked by any means. However, there are different other ailments too which can be connected in the mainstream too. So, the thing to be noted by you is – not to avoid any of the ailments, as they can trigger out other major ailments too.

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