Dating Applications in India like Tinder, OkCupid

Dating Applications in India like Tinder, OkCupid

Love is the most beautiful feeling and no doubt, everyone needs a partner to make them feel comfortable, motivate them and love them unconditionally. We wait for a perfect partner to enter our lives and make it happen. There was a time when our parents used to find our suitable match but now, we find our perfect partner through social media, in parties, through common friends or in school or colleges. The latest trend of our generation is the dating app culture.

From Tinder to OkCupid there is a wide variety of dating apps in India and you can find your perfect partner at comfort of home just by swiping right.

Love has found a completely new definition in today’s era. But, this digital love seems good initially but could have various disadvantages or ill effects.

Here a few things you need to keep in mind if you are looking for a digital partner.

Give up on relationships

These dating apps have various options you can choose from a bunch of people but be careful to whom you choose. The variety and too good online appearance could often result in not going in 100% in your relation. You might have an urge to give up on the relationship if things don’t go well. You need to understand the relationship is built over years, remember Rome was not built in a day”.

Don’t get disheartened if someone rejects you

Don’t lower down your esteem if someone rejects you. Over time rejection can impact anyone. But remember, this rejection doesn’t define you so always appreciate yourself and don’t just don’t ask yourself is something wrong with me if you get rejected over time.

Don’t trust blindly

Just don’t trust blindly to any profile. Be careful regarding the authenticity of the profile. Do go all in at the first meeting and don’t share all your details online. Meet at a public place on your first date.

Avoid putting lots of personal detail

Avoid putting lots of details about yourself on the profile. If they have lots of information regarding you it will become easier for them to locate you in real life.

 Let someone know about you

Tell your parents or friends that you are going out on a date, do let them know where are you going and give information regarding the guy and ask them to keep a check on you after certain hours.

Love is special and it cannot be forced. So, if you fail to find someone on these dating apps doesn’t worry you definitely have your prince charming waiting for you and he will soon come in your life. Just remember to learn to love yourself first and then, the whole world will fall in love with you.

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