Crucial stages of COVID19 (Coronavirus)

Crucial stages of COVID19 (Coronavirus)

Today the most talked about thing in the entire world is a coronavirus and why not as it has affected the entire world in a short span of 2-3 months. Coronavirus started with china in December 2019 and has now over 4 lakhs people across the world have been infected and also this virus has resulted in the death of over 20,000 across the globe.

Although this virus has affected all the countries a number of cases are high in few countries whereas in some countries it is still within the control. Few countries such as China, Italy, Iran, and Spain have been severally affected by coronavirus as they failed to take appropriate steps and precautions in order to avoid its spread.

Hence it is important to get to know different stages for the spread of coronavirus which are as under:

Stage 1 (Direct Transmission)

Stage 1 of coronavirus is when people with travel history to a country affected by coronavirus are tested positive with covid-19. In stage 1 it is highly likely that the person got himself infected after getting in touch with another infected person in a foreign country. For instance, a person from India has recently returned from Italy where large numbers of people are infected with Covid-19 if such person after returning to India tests positive with Covid-19, this will be the case of direct transmission.

Stage 2 (Local Transmission)

Stage 2 of coronavirus is called local transmission. In such cases, people coming in contact with covid-19 patients with travel history to the infected country are also tested positive. For instance, a person with recent travel history to Italy got infected with covid-19 and subsequently, his wife and family also got tested positive with the virus.

Stage 3 (Community Transmission)

The most crucial stage of covid-19 is community transmission. When a person has neither travelled to any affected country nor got in direct touch with any affected person with travel history to affected country tests positive for Covid-19, this is a case of community transmission.

This is the most crucial stage for any country as a number of positive cases can be increased considerably in a short span of time leaving the country clueless. This is the most crucial time for India as few cases of community transmission have now been reported in India also. For instance, a person with Covid-19 infection travels in the metro where thousands of other people are also travelling, it is likely that such infected person infects t10-20 other persons who will then further infect 100-200 person and so on. This can happen in any public place such as shopping mall, movie theatre, airports, railway stations, bus stops etc.

 This will become a never-ending process if not controlled properly. In case it is not controlled immediately, India might have to face disaster happening in few countries like Iran and Italy.

Stage 4 (Epidemic)

4th and the last stage of coronavirus is epidemic. It is obviously the worst stage when the virus affects the entire country like an epidemic with no way out leading to a complete disaster. China is presently going through stage four when there are a high number of Covid-19 positive cases along with deaths due to the same.  


It starts with a sneeze and spread like fire in the bushes. It is curable but why to risk our lives and country when all we need to do is avoiding social meetings and going outside unnecessarily. Although this virus is dangerous in all stages but strict majors are required to be taken as per the stage in a particular country. In case proper majors are taken, we can save humanity from a disaster.

This is the time when you can help your country and family by sitting home. Keep yourself in quarantine and take some time for your own self; you won’t be getting this chance again. Maintain hygiene around you and your loved ones.

Best way to contribute to present crises is to Stay home and Stay safe

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