Super Bowl snacks your teeth will Love

Super Bowl Snacks Ideas

What do you understand by a Super Bowl get-together? Basically, super snacks are served in this type of get-together. But these should not harm your teeth. If you are organizing a Super Bowl get-together on Sunday then the most important thing for you is keeping your oral health fit. After thinking a lot about your teeth and your oral fitness, here are some snacks that will keep your oral health fit. However, we cannot consider these as perfect snacks. It is necessary to brush your teeth after eating any food.

Snacks for a Super Bowl that are good for your teeth

  • Celery and carrots + Spicy Jalapeno Dip

You will like all these veggies after dipping these in the spicy Jalapeno dip. Your gums will stay healthy after chewing the raw veggies. For building strong teeth Vitamin A plays an important role. In order to create this Vitamin your body uses beta-carotene which is present in carrots. For keeping the teeth strong, Calcium plays a major role and it is present in the dip of the sour cream.

  • Cucumber and Hummus

For keeping your body healthy and fit a very good choice is hummus. No cholesterol or saturated fat is present in chickpeas which are rich in protein. A lot of folic acid is present in Chickpeas. In your body, the folic acid promotes cell growth thereby keeping the health of your mouth very good. A chips’ alternative that is healthy also is cucumber. Along with this Vitamins C and B are also present in cucumbers. For whitening your teeth naturally and giving you a fresh breath, these vitamins play a very big role.

  • A tray containing Cheese and Meat

In your Super Bowl get-together, a quarterback role can be played by the cheese. It contains calcium which makes your teeth strong. In order to protect your tooth’s surface an effective role is played by casein which is a protein and is present in Cheese. Now let us discuss the crackers. A beneficial fiber is present in the crackers made from whole wheat. Bacteria can grow in your tooth with the sticking of the crackers. After eating all these, brushing is necessary.

  • A roll made of baked cheese (Goat)

If cow’s milk is used for making cheese then it is very healthy for us. Cheese made from goat’s milk is also good. Calories and fat are present in small amounts in goat’s milk as compared to cow’s milk and a comparatively greater amount of calcium and protein is present in goat’s milk. Your teeth will remain more protected by eating goat cheese which contains a lot of calcium.

  • A 7-layer dip that is good for health

For a snack that is rich in calories a great update is this dish. For your teeth it can be tough to eat citrus juices and tomato as these have high acid content. In order to balance it, Greek yogurt and cheese is present in this dish. Your mouth will stay healthy because Vitamins C, A and E are present in this dish. For your teeth, it will be a better choice if instead of chips you eat a lot of vegetables including celery.

Replacing the terrible food with healthy food for your teeth

  • Some starches and chips

For the purpose of dipping your Super Bowl can include bread, crackers and chips. The enamel can wear down resulting in tooth decay by eating chips and starches. Sugar is obtained by the metabolization of starch. When this activity occurs then there are chances of tooth decay. Instead of starches, use carrots and celery as a dipper that will be healthy for the mouth.

  • Hot wings

For the game day a finger food that is perfect is hot wings. But your tooth can get damaged because of these foods. It is because their acid content is high. Tooth decay can occur because of decimation of enamel when your teeth are exposed to acid. Eating hot wings that do not contain spice can be a good choice.

  • Tray of fruits

People often consider fruit trays very good for health. However, your tooth can get damaged by eating some fruits. Because of high acid pineapple, grapes and oranges are not good for your teeth. After eating fruits of these kinds take water in mouth and rinse well. This activity will keep the acid away.

In case of tooth sensitivity, I will visit the dentist near me. He will provide me the best treatment.