Which One Should You Choose? Nitrile vs Latex Gloves

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Up until currently, the use of latex gloves for performing medical examinations and other healthcare-related tasks was widely popular. In fact, it was the most preferred type of medical exam gloves. However, it was found that some people are allergic to the material latex which causes discomfort for versatile applications.

As a result of this, there are several different options available in place of latex medical exam gloves. One of the most popular ones is nitrile gloves that conveniently substitutes latex material gloves. But when it comes to overall functionality and quality, a few considerations must be taken into account before making your choice for gloves.

Here we have listed a few things to draw a comparison between nitrile and latex gloves to learn which one is a better option to choose.

Composition of Latex Gloves

The composition of gloves makes a lot of difference in the overall quality and functionality of gloves. So, considering the composition of gloves is important to understand which type of gloves is better for application in the medical field.

Latex is a purely organic component that is obtained from tree sap. This makes latex a 100% natural material used for the making of medical exam gloves or other medical industry applications. Since latex originates from tree sap, some people are allergic to it.

Although, the allergies caused due to latex are generally mild and can be prevented with simple measures, make sure to check the packaging before buying gloves. Presence of latex in gloves is always mentioned on the box or packaging as per FDA regulation.

Composition of Nitrile Gloves

Now, nitrile gloves were majorly manufactured as an alternative for latex gloves since many suffered from latex-allergy. Nitrile gloves use artificially produced material unlike latex gloves that is an organic material.

Nitrile is made up of inorganic synthetic that basically originates from petroleum. Now as for the healthcare industry, only a medical grade Nitrile glove is approved for application and use. However, during the dearth of grade-validated gloves, other Nitrile gloves are used for basic medical applications.

Features of Latex & Nitrile Gloves


If you require both comfort and protection from a glove then Latex Glove is the ideal choice to make. Because of its all-natural material, latex gloves offer you great barrier protection. Easy to put on and take-off, medical industry professionals find this material glove convenient for application.

Also, latex is an organic material and basically comes from the sap of tree, gloves made out of this material are biodegradable. So, if you are concerned about the disposal of latex gloves then there is no reason for you to worry.


Nitrile on the other hand offers great protection against punctures and also is resistant to a wide number of chemicals. Hence, medical surgeons and other professionals like tattoo artists or lab technicians really recognize the dexterous nature of Nitrile gloves.


Even though Latex gloves can be go-to gloves for the medical field, many suffer from latex-allergy which makes them a little less qualified for use. However, there are powder-free latex gloves available that significantly reduces allergy. Whereas, nitrile gloves, they are a great alternative choice for someone who doesn’t want to go for latex gloves.