5 Cool In-House Climate Automation Ideas

Cool In House Climate automation Ideas

Home automation is creating ripples in the housing industry and it’s not just a trend but a force that is driving convenience. With home automation the possibility is endless; you can do so much with so little effort. Be it Lighting automation, smart surveillance system, or cooling and heating automation. That being said, we will be talking about smart heating and cooling system starting with a device called the smart thermostat that can help you control your heating system as well as your air conditioning. But if you couple it with smart fans, humidity sensors, and smoke & carbon monoxide detectors it can do wonders.

All things considered, it will not help you with saving a good amount on energy bills but will also help you with keeping your family safe. Therefore, we have brought you some climate-related cool ideas for home automation in Los Angeles.

1. Turning on the Bathroom Fan

While taking a shower we often feel like we are running out of breath and will suffocate to death. But now smart fan can save you from this dreaded experience by starting on its own when it detects that the humidity has crossed a certain percentage while you are still showering. If the humidity drops below 80% it can be turned off. But if you are not having any humidity sensor another way to avoid this excruciating experience is by using a water sensor that you can place in your shower. Followed by it you should make the fan run for another 15 minutes if the water sensor is not able to detect any more water. If you do not want to go for any of these methods, then you can simply replace your dumb fan switch with a smart one. A smart switch can be a good option to rely on for the same thing.

2. Cool the House Down at Night

It can be a painstaking activity at night after all day’s hard work when comeback home and you have to look out for your ventilation system. But if you do it the smart way it can cool and down the house at night on its own. That’s is based on what is the temperature outside and on the inside it lets the cold air into your house at night giving you a much pleasant sleep. You can also achieve it with help of a little smart sensor. All it needs is that it can read the temperature, as then it can be effectively used for this purpose.

What do you need:

  • Smart Thermostat
  • or Multi-Sensor

Step by Step Settings

  • Set the time 11.00 AM (23.00)
  • When the inside temperature is above 25 °C
  • And the outside temperature is lower than inside
  • Set the ventilation system to medium

3. Open Garage Door Based On Carbon Monoxide

It can be really annoying as well as harmful for health and we have to spend the time in the garage with high levels of carbon monoxide in it. But now by just placing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in a garage, we can breathe in the fresh air. You can also go one step ahead with integrating your smart garage door along with it. This can drastically change the scenario by automatically opening the door and ensuring your safety when the carbon monoxide level crosses a certain percentage in the air.

4. Lights On in Case of Fire

This is one of the very important routines but you hope that they do not get triggered. But in the worst-case scenario, it can be very helpful to ensure your safety. If the smoke alarm detects any smoke it instantly turns on all the lights in and around your house. This does not only enhance your visibility in the smoke but also sends out a message that you are in a problem. If you have a Smart Lock installed at your place you can also integrate the same with it. This will make sure that you get out of the home safely and easily without getting stuck in such a scenario.

5. Circulate Hot Air (From a Fireplace) Around the House

It is a well-known fact that when we have a fireplace surround it can make other rooms get cold especially when we have put on the fireplace. Apart from this if by any chance you have your thermostat placed in the same room as the fireplace it can get things more worst. But worry not there is a simple way out. You can use your smart fan system in place to kick out and circulate the air in and around the house that will help in maintaining the optimum temperature. To achieve that, you need to use a separate temperature sensor that you can place somewhere near the fireplace. If you do not want to go for it, another good option for you is to look out for the outside temperature followed by the temperature inside with the help of the thermostat and regulate it efficiently on your own. Let’s say for example if 10 °C is the temp outside and the temperature inside it above 24 °C (75 °F) then turn on the fans.