Coronavirus is not as dangerous as a lack of Knowledge is!

Coronavirus is not as dangerous as a lack of Knowledge is!

Coronavirus is not a single virus in fact it is a group of viruses cause mild illness in the human body such as cold, cough and fever. Coronavirus is a kind of zoonotic virus (a virus which transmitted in human through animals). It is believed that the present virus has been transmitted through a bat.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China and spread with the speed of light first in china and now all over the world. It has now been declared as a pandemic with over 454,456 cases across the world with 20543 deaths as on date. It has affected millions of people across the world till now and many more can get affected by it if not handled properly.

The world is today filled with Chinese virus and Chinese whispers. There are numbers of facts one need to know about it but there are myths too. What to believe and what to leave is the question of every second person today.

Don’t confuse Facts with myths

It is being believed that the coronavirus travels through the air. It is important to know that coronavirus can only be transferred from one person to another either by touching the object previously touched by an infected person.

It is wrong to say that products manufactured in china can spread the virus. A lot of research has been done in this regard and it is an established fact that the virus cannot survive on objects for a long time. Moreover, any object can carry the virus irrespective of its place of manufacturing and packaging.  

Coronavirus can infect anyone irrespective of their age it will be wrong to say that only older people and kids are at risk of getting infected with the virus. However, it is true that people with older age and kids are more prone to get infected.

That recently many countries including India started the practice of beating of drums and utensils along with clapping in order to recognize and appreciate efforts of various personals such as doctors, nurses, police etc. however, many people have developed the wrong opinion that beating of drums or clapping is going to kill the virus.

That there have been many cases around the world where people have abandoned their pets and many others have tried to distance themselves from animals on the apprehension that coronavirus can be transmitted through animals. It is important to understand animals cannot be infected with the coronavirus.

Corona leaves scars on mental health

A victim of Corona is being kept at an isolated place for 15 days or more until he/she gets back to their normal health condition. These 15 days can be traumatic as they find no one near them to share their pain, feelings and emotions. It can easily affect the mental condition of any person who is being infected with the coronavirus.

Therefore it is very important that their family and friends support them during a difficult time else they can damage their mental health due to anxiety, depression and stress in this quarantine. It is important that a person infected with the virus should be kept away from any bad news. Moreover, such a person should be provided with means to overcome boredom which may result in depression. Family and friends should be in touch through phones so that they are in touch with their loved ones despite being isolated.

Precautions are better when there is no vaccine for the cure

As no one is immune from coronavirus and it has already affected a very large number of people throughout the world, it is important to understand its severity and steps and precautions to be taken to prevent an increase of spread

  • Maintain a high level of hygiene is necessary.
  • Keep social distancing
  • Clean everything you buy before use.
  • Sanitize you home.
  • Before washing hand don’t touch your eyes mouth and nose.
  • In case you have any symptom for coronavirus, seek medical help at the earliest


For the first time, the whole world in united thereby leaving behind all the differences as the live taking virus has spread with the speed of flash on the earth. A failed experiment on animals in China is taking the lives of millions in the world.

Coronavirus is a controversial topic for everyone today. As information goes from one end to another, people add up things according to their own understating and convenience. Before fearing we need to now facts and myths about the Coronavirus and how it can affect our mental health too. Although the entire world is being affected by this virus, the silver lining is that it has given a chance to the environment and nature to heal themselves.

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