How to prepare Caesar Salad?

How to prepare Caesar Salad?

This veg Caesar Salad is one of my most loved salads that contain the number of veggies. With crunchy, full of cheese, garlic bread garnishes, and a buttery dressing without the anchovies, a plate of Caesar salad is an excellent treat as a side or as a primary dish.

Before we changed our approach towards a vegan diet, the Caesar Salad was one of only a handful of servings of mixed greens that I would like to have at an eatery. It once in a while, is available with grilled or boiled chicken, but always accompanied by anchovies continuously in the Parmesan cheese and sauce.

I have visited several restaurants that offer an ideal vegetarian Caesar salad but never found any dish that I really liked yet. However, the Caesar salad that we prepare is quite different from those that are offered by restaurants out there.

I always tend to replace fish items in the salad dressings for olives and capers and replace the servings sprinkled with parmesan to a vegetarian style. We always keep up with the tradition and utilize the lettuce and bake my own crunchy croutons. In order to create this dish, I remove chicken from my brain and instead use boiled eggs. This is surely a kind of salad that everyone can eat all around the year.

Let’s see step by step how you can prepare Caesar Salad

Croutons – Are cheesy and crunchy, often seasoned and cubed, are used to add texture and tasty flavors to the salads. My all-time favorite is Sourdough but any kind of sliced bread with do the job. You can add garlic to some olive oil and heat it till the time the oil consumes the garlic flavor. Toss the bread in the veg Parmesan and oil then place it on a lined cooking tray.

After that bake the croutons and after they turn golden, let them cool down

Prepare to dress – You need to add olives, capers, mustard, egg yolk, and garlic to a big mixing container and then blend it. After that, add vinegar, lemon juice, and mayo. In the final step, you can whisk it in the oil and you will have creamy, silky, and spicy dressing ready.

Tear lettuce and drop it in the large utensil, add some croutons and toss it a little bit. Whenever required, you can add the dressing and top it with the hard-boiled eggs, sprinkle some black pepper and veg Parmesan.

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How to store

You can store them for later use in an airtight container and you can freeze croutons when you want to keep them for next time use. When you want to have it, you can preheat it in the oven at 180 C until they turn crispy.

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