Best Succulents for Apartment Living

Best Succulent for Home

The succulents are more often referred to as the plants which thrive on neglect, these plants are just in need of not many things to survive they can always survive on the water that you have provided them and they know how to live in extreme conditions but with due time they are bound to change colors as well. You must remember if you know someone who is far from you then you can always Order flowers online for them.

The best part about the succulents is that they acna always store the water in the leaves which just makes them survive easily. If you are thinking that they don’t blossom then you are wrong, they really do blossom but they might die if they are monocarpic succulents, if the flower is in the middle then it means they are monocarpic as they are using the entire plant as their stem. This will soon break, when it comes to the other succulents then you can also see them surviving as but there are some things that you must remember about them as well:

  • You must remember that you need a pot that has a drainage hole in it, remember the glass pots and the plastic pots might seem really appealing but this is something that you should not opt for either.
  • Remmer to water the plant only when the topsoil has dried up, it is necessary for them to experience a little dry soil before watering them again.
  • Don’t put the regular soil mix inside the plant make sure that you are making a mixture between the sandy soil and the regular mix that you are using and the mixture should come apart.

Here is the list of succulents that you can opt for:


Nothing suits one better than the Aloe vera plant, although it is better to consult your doctor first if you are going for the plant. When it comes to the plant the gel can always be used to cure various ailments that a person has. The sun burns and anything that you might go through can always be cured with a little aloe gel. It does not require much attention either, just keep the plant in sunlight and provide the plant enough water once in a few days.


These plants are just a step ahead of all the plants as they can manage to look fresh even though there is a week of neglect. These plants are known to be the air purifiers as well,  they can purify the air of the benzene and the formaldehyde. You can always get that from these plants. These plants can also thrive to the point where there is low light without dying for once and this is the reason you can also have them indoors, as most of the succulents need the sun but these plants are there thriving of the low light. Why not approach the best florists in Bangalore & Online flowers delivery in pune and get the plant for yourself?


Now, you might have the misconception of how they grow in deserts but the best part about the cactus is that they are just amazing plants. You can get these plants at any time and just have them at your place. These plants are just perfect if you wish to have them as you just have to place them near a window and they will just be fine. They have the ability to last longer and will make your house green as well. So a plant you can always go for.


The names sound a bit scary to the arachnophobic mind but you ain’t got to worry as these plants are not like the actual spiders but they have the ability to show abundance as they have a lot of shoots. These are also the low light plants that you can choose any time so a plant that you have to choose which actually fills your sweet apartment up can be this plant. You can always opt for the plant at any point of time as they dont require much. Just make sure that you water these plants once in a while and not frequently.

Although keeping a succulent might sound fun and they might seem really beautiful to you but you have to realise something, which is to not let go of the thought where you are putting a lot of succulents in one place. This will lead to a lot of troubles as the succulent will lack the nutrition and will have to share the water that you give him once in a while as well.

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