A True Shiva Lover “Kartikaa”

A True Shiva Lover “Kartikaa”

As per Hindu mythology, we have several god’s and goddesses and each of them displays and represents a unique character. Lord Shiva also is known as Mahadev has always been depicted as the who was fierce in all his decision and activities, the one who was fearless, and the godhead of strong behaviour. As per the Hindu trinity, Shiva is known as ‘The Destroyer’. It is Shiva who transforms the universe along with Brahma who created the universe and Vishnu who protects its creatures.

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Where can you find Shiva?

As per Shivaism, Ishwar or shiva is transcendent, formless and limitless, they reside in our primal Atma (soul) as well. Though Shiva is said to be present in his abode widely known as Kailash. Perhaps Kailash cannot be regarded as s single mountain on the Himalayas, you can find the detailed description of it in Srimad Bhagavatam.

Kartikaa’s view on Shiva

Effulgent rays from his radiant eyes, When swiftly glide to me and infuse me with devotion, I feel blessed and uplifted, sacred and peaceful in my heart. Worlds are indeed indebted to Lord Shiva, So also the Gods and demons and all life in the universe, Even Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver. An act of supreme sacrifice, Shiva continues till date, As we churn the ocean of life, and face the poison. Of our karmic acts, knowing not what to do, where to go.”

Lord Shiva take our burdens away and show us the perfect way. Before the dawn breaks and the sun arises, Millions of devotees of Shiva in all the known and Unknown worlds join hands and pour out their hearts, With complete devotion, chanting the eternal Mantra: Om Namah Shivay, I too join them in this pilgrimage of words and emotions to celebrate the glory and beauty of the eternal charm of Shiva. 

The world in which I live in a world of reflections, Where truth is hidden in a cave filled with smoke, Where life rests in the lap of falsehood and desires. In this chaotic world of shadows and spinning dreams, Shiva guides me towards Light and immortality. He Grants me the wisdom to choose the correct path, In this world of confusing images and transient objects.

Shiva is in You, Shiva is in me, Shiva is in everything, he is everywhere, yet he is nowhere. He is the most complex identity yet he is the simplest. Shiva is the answer no matter what the question is! Shivoham 🕉” by (Kartikaa Thapliyal)

Kartikaa’s Life Achievements

  • Kartikaa had been featured in the “Limca book of records titled under ‘Longest awareness campaign for a social cause’ as Ajay Oli and Kartikaa Thapliyal of Ghanshyam Oli Child Welfare Society, undertook this campaign named as ‘Unmukti Campaign,’ which was a 25-day journey taken in barefoot for a distance of 3,200km for creating awareness against child labour and child begging. They reached out to almost 0.1 million people for collecting pledge of ‘Bheekh Nahi Dengey’
  • Also, the widely known brand, Apple Inc. had featured the photographs taken by Kartikaa, these images were clicked at Trijuginarayan, which is an extensively preferred wedding destination site in Uttarakhand. This is the exact place where Lord Shiva married the goddess Parvati.
  • Her name is also added in the ‘India book of records’ for her barefoot awareness journey to Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand in a short span of 24 days. Kartikaa has incredibly completed a barefoot Chardham Yatra along with Ajay Oli, in the devotion of Lord Shiva. This Char Dham Yatra consists of four significant places, namely Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri, which took place from Uttarakhand in the month of May in 2019.

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