7 Free Cloud Space Drives Where You Can Save Your Data

Free Cloud space Drives

The process of storing data online instead of the local computer is cloud storage. You can store all the data like audio, videos, images and other documents on the cloud. To store this data on the cloud, you require an internet connection. After storing this data on the cloud, you can get access to this data by using an internet connection. Nowadays, we have high-quality cameras on phones. By using these high-quality cameras, we take images and record videos of all the scenes. We don’t have any space on the computer to save these videos and images. That’s why in the era of latest technology, we have to make use of cloud space drives. Here, we will discuss the top 7 free cloud space drives that you can use to save your data.

Google Drive:

It is the product of Google and it is providing a free cloud space service to the users. After storing the data on this free cloud storage drive, you can get access to this data on any device. Anyhow, it allows the users to store only 15GB of data. If you want to sore more data, you will have to buy its premium plan. Google Drive offers lots of features to the users. First, you can use it to build Docs, Sheets and Slides. Secondly, it is offering real-time synchronization of the data to the users. Thirdly, you can also create forms by using this service. You can use these forms to conduct surveys. At last, it also allows users to integrate with various tools.


OneDrive is the product of Microsoft and you can also use it to store data on the internet using its free cloud space. If you have a Microsoft account, you can easily get access to this service. The users can also use its apps to synchronize the files on the computers or Mac operating system. Just like Google Drive, it also allows you to store data up to 15GB. You can also use your mobile phone to upload the data on this cloud storage drive. It is also providing the best security features to the users. To enhance the security of the stored files, you can set an expiration date. After losing your device, you will not lose your data. You can easily recover it from the OneDrive. It also allows users to share these files with their friends and family members.


If you are looking for a reliable and free cloud space drive to store your data, you can also make use of the Degoo. The most important benefit of this free cloud space drive is that you can store 100GB of data. It means that it is providing more storage space than Google Drive and OneDrive. Along with providing enough cloud storage space, it is also offering a reliable cloud backup service. You can easily get access to this cloud storage service with your android or IOS device. Anyhow, it also allows the users to increase free storage space through their referral system. If you want to buy its premium plan, you will have to pay $3/month for 500GB of data storage.


It is also allowing to store of files on its free cloud space platform and to get access to these files from any device. pCloud is also offering an easy interface to share and collaborate with these files. The users can also keep private files confidential on this service. To enhance the security of the files, it is using TLS or SSL encryption service. By using this cloud service, you can share and manage your files from all the devices like PC, web or mobiles. The users can also share their files by using its multiple file-sharing options. In its free plan, you can store only 10GB of data. Anyhow, if you want to store up to 500GB of data on the cloud, you will have to pay $3.99/month.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is also the best cloud storage service to store data due to its ease of use and better security. It is providing an encrypted cloud storage service to the users. It means that you can send and receive files from any place. It has also some productivity features. By using these productivity features, you can easily send file requests and document previews. It also allows users to get offline access to these files. The users can also enjoy its core features. In the core features, there come unlimited share transfer limit, collaboration, real-time backup and real-time sync etc. Its starter plan is free forever for the users. Anyhow, you can also use its three premium plans.


It is the product of Mega Limited. It is a free cloud space drive and files hosting service. You can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux to store and get access to the data. If you will use its free plan, you can store 50GB of data. For the encryption of the files and chats, it is offering some keys. By using Mega, you can easily sync the files and folders. It allows the users to upload or download 1GB of data every six hours. It means that you can’t store the whole data simultaneously. While uploading data on this cloud storage platform, you don’t worry about its security. Its reason is that it is offering the best security features for the security of the data.

Media Fire: If you are looking for a free cloud space platform to store documents and photos, Media Fire is the best choice for you. After creating an account on this platform, you can get an initial storage space of 10GB. Anyhow, you can increase it up to 50GB. It is offering lots of features to the users. By utilizing these features, the users can easily handle the data on this platform. It allows users to upload multiple files from one browser. It is one of the unique features of this cloud storage platform. After uploading the files, it also allows you to organize the files. For the security of the files, it provides a one-time shareable link to the users. It means that recipients can’t share this link further.