6 really useful Android tips and tricks

Android tricks

These tips are generally for the 2.1 adaptation of Android, which is by a wide margin the most well-known type of the OS out there today – however a great part of the guidance will likewise take a shot at more established and more current renditions and those boutique assortments cleaned by some equipment producers. 

1. Actuate the Android Power Strip 

The absolute most significant component in Android 2.1 is its underlying electrical extension gadget. Here, you’re ready to rapidly disengage all the telephone’s battery-obliterating highlights, similar to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the Great Batter Killer that is GPS. Long-push on the screen and introduce it through the gadgets class. 

2. Android call screening 

In case you’re a neurotic call-screener, Android is there for you. Open up the Contacts posting of the individual you’re as of now keeping away from, at that point select Menu > Options. From here you’re ready to ping all approaching calls from this individual legitimately to phone message. Give individuals the forget about with Android. 

3. Set up custom guest ringtones 

On the other hand, on the off chance that you like conversing with individuals, a similar screen lets you allot a particular custom ringtone to every guest put away in your Contacts registry. 

4. Add your morning timer to your assignment executioner 

An exemplary error, this. We’re continually being recounted the (questionable) significance of utilizing an undertaking administrator to expand Android battery life, and on the off chance that you need to go down that course the pleasure is all mine. Nonetheless, when executing every one of your undertakings to spare battery life, recall that your morning timer is an errand in itself – kill that and you’ll wake up in a frenzy at 10.15am tomorrow first thing. 

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5. Compose things into envelopes 

While Steve Jobs may have as of late made a serious deal about letting iOS clients arrange things into envelopes, Android’s been doing that for a long time. Extravagant a fast Home screen easy route to your featured most loved contacts? Long-press the Home screen and make it so. 

6. Rename Android organizers 

Also, when you’ve done that, to tweak things flawlessly it’s conceivable to rename organizers. Basically open the organizer, at that point long-push on its name in the top bar to raise the Top Secret renaming field.

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