13 best accounting Softwares for small businesses in 2020

13 best accounting Softwares for small businesses in 2020

With the expansion of the accounting industry, the work of the business firms has increased a lot. As a result, business firms need to hire more human resources so as to efficiently maintain the books of accounts. However, small firms cannot afford to manage the pay of so many human resources. On the other hand, the big firms aim at making the books more informative and legally acceptable. That is the reason why accounting software has become the need of the hour. Let us know about the best accounting software’s which are suitable for small firms


ZipBooks is simple to use accounting software which helps in restructuring your business.  All your online accounting issues can be conveniently streamlined using ZipBooks. Using Zipbooks allows you to manage innumerable vendors and customers. The customers get a chance to know it’s featured by using the 30 days free trial period. It is renowned amongst the accounting software since it can send invoices in multiple currencies.


It is the most used software in the accounting industry. Accounting activities like invoicing, time tracking,  managing payments can be painlessly done using FreshBooks. The security feature is commendable and exceptionally brilliant. The premium plans range from $6-$20. Customers can get customized plans according to their preferences.

QuickBooks Online

It is amongst the newest accounting software which has easily captured the market shares in a very short span. The holistic approach of the software is commendable as well as appreciate. It provides automatic backups to their customers. Round the clock customer service is provided to the users.


It is one of the finest accounting softwares which provides numerous valuable features to their users and it is completely free of cost. None finds any problem when using it with a phone. Through Wave, you can avail of unlimited bank account and credit card transactions. You can painlessly organize your expenses and income.


With the help of Xero, small entrepreneurs can efficiently manage their day to day transactions. They can even grow their business without any difficulty. The customers get live chat options so as to talk about their grievances. An entrepreneur can easily use Xero with the help of his/her smartphone. The premium plans range around $20-$40 per month.

Sage Cloud

A Sage Accounting Software is a system that provides numerous accounting related information to the users. It helps the users to deal with various financial issues and also summarises the data in a simplistic form. Through using sage, one can easily print out the invoices and update the customer and supplier records. Stock can be valued conveniently. It has an in-built automated system that helps in the effective calculation of payroll.

With the advancements in the field of the accounting industry, the need for Sage has increased vigorously. The software is best suited for small and medium scaled business enterprises. Through Sage, data entry can be done within minutes and that is one of the reasons why it has become one of the most renowned accounting platforms.

Free Agent

It is amongst the most prominent cloud-based accounting software. It provides speedy estimates through which you can seamlessly conduct your business operations. Through the dashboard, you can gain information about your profit and loss statements.


Quicken accounting software is one of the finest accounting software worldwide. The premium plans are affordable and budget friendly. The day to day accounting issues as transactions can be easily managed. The interface of Quicken Accounting Software is extremely amazing. The accounting tasks can be conveniently streamlined.

Through Quicken Accounting, you can also predict the investment and capital requirements of your organisation

Invoice Meister

It is best suited for small and medium scaled enterprises. Through Invoice Meister, you are just a click away to creating invoices, linking bank accounts, and so on. You need not pass any manual entry for creating bank reconciliation statements.

Accounting seed

It is one of the best accounting software solutions through which you can manage the books of accounts more effectively. The flexibility of the software is incredibly impeccable. With the help of Accounting seed, you can make quick strategic decisions. It is renowned since it allows both open customizations as well as reliable connections. The layout of the software is easy to use. It helps you in creating subscription as well as automated billing. The analysis provided by the software is helpful for managing the bills. Customer support is exceptionally good.

Zoho Books

It is a boon for small-scale entrepreneurs. Through Zoho Books, you can automate the business workflows and manage your online accounting activities effectively. The customers get a 14-day trial plan so as to understand its features.


SlickPie is used by almost all firms in the business industry. It is excellent for managing tax commitments. Customers get a free trial period for a paid plan. The payment system of SlickPie is flexible and secure. Bank transactions can be conveniently tracked. Moreover, SlickPie is compatible with any device.


It is accounting software that automates the payment operations as per your preferences. With the help of it, you can make your payments more secure and confidential. It is renowned for providing an end to end AP.  It is also renowned and widely used for its mass payments feature.


The above-stated Online Accounting Softwares are extremely amazing for small-scaled business firms. With the advancements in the field of technology, accounting for small businesses has become much easier.

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